The concept of home swapping is becoming hugely popular

Home swapping: The 2022 travel trend you need to know about

Even though going on holiday involves a few extra steps thanks to the pandemic, travel is quickly getting back into business – and most Brits can’t wait to start exploring the world again!

Keener than ever to travel as much as possible, the concept of home swapping is becoming hugely popular, as this method of travel offers holidaymakers multiple benefits that a hotel or resort may not be able to provide. This growing trend has been proved by stats released by award-winning, global home swapping platform Love Home Swap, which has seen a 45% increase in new UK members over the last three months (compared to 2020). What’s more, compared to 2020, the number of UK members who took a free trial with Love Home Swap between October and December 2021 increased by a fifth (21%). More recent data reveals that the first ten days of 2022 have already seen UK trialists up by 130% and trips agreed by UK members are up more than 140% compared to the start of 2021.

So, why has home swapping seen such an impressive surge in interest?

It’s a simple way to save lots of money

It really is a cost-effective way to explore the world for both staycations and long-haul travels, as Love Home Swap opens the doors to incredible properties that meet every need. With the average member saving £1,065 on a 7-night stay by choosing to home swap rather than stay in a hotel or holiday rental, 36% of Love Home Swap members can afford to travel four times a year (or more). Before committing to one of their membership packages, prospective home swappers can sign up for a complimentary two-week trial which gives them full access to the site where they can reach out to other homeowners to start making holiday plans. Once the trial is complete, they can then take up one of three types of annual membership (starting at £8 a month and billed annually).

Home swappers enjoy more space

Love Home Swap members enjoy all the extra benefits that come with staying in a real home. From additional living space through to outdoor features such as large gardens and private swimming pools, they enjoy more for their money. This makes home swapping a great option for groups and families, plus, unlike hotels, there will be no one passing through the home members are staying in, making it a more Covid-safe option.

Members benefit from authentic holiday experiences

Home swapping gives you inside knowledge of a particular destination that you just don’t get from guidebooks. Most home swap hosts enjoy sharing advice on local restaurants, activities and most importantly, what to avoid, allowing their guests to enjoy an authentic holiday as they immerse themselves in another culture or neighbourhood. Home swapping is simply the best way to get to know an area and experience what it’s really like to live in another fantastic destination.

Managing Director of Love Home Swap Célia Pronto comments: “Love Home Swap allows people to explore the world through the power of sharing. It’s not just homes that are swapped at Love Home Swap, it’s frequently a bit of a life swap too – members may offer the use of their cars, they look after each other’s pets, and some even swap gym memberships! Home swapping is the most incredible and cost-effective way for people to travel, and our statistics show that there’s an increased appetite for this desirable way of exploring the world. We predict that it will become a more mainstream way of holidaying in the year ahead, and we’re very excited to help our members enjoy unparalleled travel opportunities.”

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