Sleep Tips for the Warm Summer Months

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 23:15

Now that we’re entering the warmer months of the year, many of us are finding it hard to sleep at night due to the overwhelming heat. Even when the temperature is only around 20°c it can be hard to sleep at night.

Due to the stereotypical British weather, British homes are made to stay warm in the winter, which is all fine and well when it’s cold out, but come summertime all the features that keep us warm in the winter, turn against us and only serve to make us hot and bothered?

So, how can you get the sleep your body needs this summer? Read on and discover some of our top tips for getting to sleep in the heat!

Keep Bedroom Blinds Closed During the Day

On warm sunny days, it can be tempting to open all the blinds in your home to let the Sun in. While letting the Sun in is great for lighting, you will find that by letting the light in you’re just warming up your home, while in many rooms this is okay, you do not want your bedroom getting warm throughout the day, as your bedroom will be a warm, stuffy mess by the time you go to bed.

So, during the day you should keep your bedroom’s blinds closed to stop the Sun from warming up your bedroom, if you don’t have blinds in your bedroom, you should get a wide blind for your bedroom window as soon as possible. But, by having your blinds closed during the day, your bedroom won’t get as warm, making it much easier to fall asleep at night.

Have a Cooling Shower Before Getting into Bed

After a long day in the warm summer heat, you will more than likely be feeling a bit hot and sticky, which isn’t ideal for getting a good night’s sleep. If your body is warm before getting into bed, you’ll find that getting under the covers only serves to make you warmer, which isn’t ideal.

So, cooling off before bed is a great idea to improve you chances of getting a good kip and a cool shower is the best way to quickly beat the heat and cool yourself down. This means rather than getting into bed feeling hot and bothered, you will be cool and clean, which will set you up for a better night’s sleep!

Swap Your Duvet for a Lightweight Summer Duvet

There aren’t many feelings worse than getting into bed, ready to sleep the night away, only for you to spend the night tossing, turning and adjusting your duvet due to the heat. With the heat from your body being trapped under your bed covers, your temperature will only rise as your body heats up and that heat gets trapped.

To remedy this, you should use a thinner bedsheet, whether that’s a duvet made for warmer nights or you can simply remove your duvet from it’s cover and use the cover as a thin duvet. With a lighter bedsheet on you at night, you won’t get as warm as you would with a thicker duvet as not as much heat will get trapped and your body will have a bit more room to breath.


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