How to Improve your Garden's Look this Summer

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - 23:06

As summer is approaching and the weather is getting warmer, many of us are looking forward to spending more time in our gardens. This often involves plenty of summer barbecues on the patio, sunbathing, as well as over-excited kids playing in paddling pools. Just like our homes, gardens need special care and attention every once in a while. However, you’ll be amazed at how many quick and affordable ideas there are out there that can transform your outdoor space. Summer is the perfect season to savour what your garden has to offer, so we have pulled together a list of the best garden updates you can try implementing this year.

Fill your Space with Flowers

Although it may sound obvious, flowers are some of the most affordable and easiest garden ideas that can enhance your outdoor space in an instant. Therefore, it can be beneficial to plant some seeds, bulbs, or fully-grown bedding plants into flower beds or pots. The hard work will certainly pay off, as you will be able to get a variety of flowers, such as Daffodils, Tulips or Chrysanthemums. Moreover, if you provide them with the right care and ensure they stay away from frost, they are likely to flower again the following year. It’s advisable to follow the instructions on each plant’s label for optimum results.

Add a Garden Shed

Adding a garden shed is a great way to uplift your garden’s appearance by reducing clutter and keeping your outdoor space clean and organised. At Buy Sheds Direct, you can find an exciting range of sheds, available in a variety of sizes and styles. For example, you can explore a wide array of wooden sheds, metal sheds, and plastic sheds, which include amazing features, such as double doors, opening windows, and much more. In addition, you can find out more about their accessories, including shed bases, shed security, and solar lighting. As a result, you can give your garden a makeover, which can also increase the overall value of your property.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Many homeowners end up overlooking their lawn, which can result in an unpleasant garden appearance. However, with a little care, you can quickly enhance the look of your outdoor space. If you want to create a lush green lawn, this will require regular mowing, watering, and new seeds to fill in gaps. When it comes to lawn mowing, it’s typically recommended to mow your lawn as often as possible. Also, in terms of watering, remember that matured grass should be watered once a week from June to September. It’s also recommended to water your lawn before noon so that the grass can dry before evening.

Introduce a Water Feature

Introducing a water feature doesn’t need to mean breaking the bank. You can keep it simple by adding a bird bath or if you want to challenge yourself a bit more, you may consider creating a pond. This is a cost-effective project, that you can easily complete by yourself. Moreover, adding a natural pond is one of the best things you can do for your local wildlife. Most importantly, a pond can be any size so that it can fit any garden, even if you simply need it to be as small as an old bucket.

String Up a Hammock

Summer evenings are the perfect time to lounge and relax, which means there is nothing better than swinging from a hammock. There are many suitable places where you can consider stringing up a hammock. For example, you can hang one between two trees or place it between the beams of a sturdy pergola. Alternatively, if you can’t find a spot to hang your hammock, you can invest in one that comes with its own frame. This means that you will have the benefit of selecting the most inviting spot in your garden.

Get Plant Pots

It’s important to pay extra attention to what you plant your flowers and veggies in. For instance, you can get plant pots, which are another amazing garden idea, that will smarten up your outdoor space. Moreover, they can change the overall style of your garden and make a huge difference to the final look. Although plant pots can often be an afterthought to the plants and flowers that will live inside them, they can help you introduce colour and excitement. To make greenery pop and make your garden feel rustic try using natural materials like terracotta. 

Invest in Good Quality Tools

Buying the right garden tools can save you more than just time, since if they’re of low quality, they might not be able to get the job done and may even break. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in the right garden tools from the start, since you’ll save money overall and you can keep the same tools for years to come. Using the right tools for the job will help you keep your garden in the best condition possible. For example, if you’re planning to cut wood, be sure to get a brand-new handsaw.

Find Good Outdoor Lighting

To add another dimension to your garden, you can explore a variety of outdoor lighting ideas. This also has the potential of extending the time you spend outdoors. Focus on using lighting to illuminate trees, beds, water features, and sculptures. As a result, your garden will look like a completely different space at night. For a comfortable and casual atmosphere, you may consider adding waterproof festoon lights, as they’re a flexible and cheap solution to lighting your outdoor space. It may also be useful to invest in attractive fittings, that can double as decorative features.

Install an Outdoor Shower

Showering outdoors is one of the best things you do on holidays, so it may also be a good idea to replicate the refreshing feeling of an open-air bathroom at home. From rustic to modern, lush to minimalist, there are many ideas that will leave you inspired and motivated to try it yourself. If you have a water hook-up nearby, such as the outdoor wall of an indoor bathroom, this project may be more straightforward than it looks. All you need to do to install an outdoor shower is to mount basic plumbing and shower fixtures.

Incorporate Window Boxes

Window boxes are an effective way to add beauty and interest to your outdoor décor and improve your kerb appealin the process. They can also make for a great DIY venture, even if you’re a beginner. These simple structures are easy to build and you’ll only need a few basic materials from your local home improvement store. Once you have built and installed them, there are countless ways to fill them up. You can choose from a wide range of flowers and plants, fresh herbs, and trailing ferns.

Look for Accessories

Finally, you should look for some fun accessories you can add to your garden. Remember that soft furnishings and ornaments can be used outside as well as inside. There are many outdoor accessories, such as cushions and throws, which can help you add character to your outdoor space. They can also improve the appearance of old garden furniture by creating a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, many garden stores sell fire pits, that can be used to warm your family and guests on a late summer evening. Also, another great way to make your patio more inviting is to lay down an outdoor rug.

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