The energising ‘kick-ass’ scents that work well pre and post exercise and will last beyond the final whistle

Authored by KirstyH
Posted: Thursday, August 10, 2023 - 12:04

Mainstream TV coverage of the Women’s World Cup 2023 and our very own Lionesses continue to shatter stereotypes. These athletes serve as inspirations both on and off the field, influencing fashion, beauty, and fragrance trends. *Move over Barbie and your high heels … the summer is about sports icons now!

So, if you love sport and still want to smell great, what’s a good choice to make when it comes to perfume?

“Fragrances marketed as sporty tend to be characterised by their ‘freshness’ and their ability to positively inspire a feeling of wellbeing,” says Jonny Webber from

“They’re energising, mood boosting and not ‘overpowering’, with sporty scents designed to complement an active and sporty lifestyle. They’re generally formulated to be long lasting, light (not heavy) and invigorating to deliver that ‘just out of the shower’ post-workout euphoria feeling.

“Fragrance notes tend to be a combination of citrus, green, aquatic, and herbal notes, along with light florals and woods. Heady deep notes and wintery woods and spices can be too overpowering a sickly for sports players, especially given how perfume reacts with heat and body oils. But a whiff of positivity and mood boosting aromas can provide that extra ounce of energy. Not forgetting how perfume can reinforce perception of a positive personality.

“The sporty scents inspired by women in football also capture the essence of their strength, determination, and empowering spirit.”

Long-lasting scents 

“It’s also good to choose a longer lasting fragrance if you have an active lifestyle. 

“Most perfumes have some alcohol in them, so they tend to evaporate quickly if your body is too warm. Giving the body a few moments to cool down post-exercise will help to make the most of a fragrance. Additionally, perfume reacts well with natural skin oils that will be present on a body after physical activity.”

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