The energising ‘kick-ass’ scents that work well pre and post exercise and will last beyond the final whistle

Mainstream TV coverage of the Women’s World Cup 2023 and our very own Lionesses continue to shatter stereotypes. These athletes serve as inspirations both on and off the field, influencing fashion, beauty, and fragrance trends. *Move over Barbie and your high heels … the summer is about sports icons now!

So, if you love sport and still want to smell great, what’s a good choice to...

This is why you should be wearing fragrance on your hair, not just your skin, according to experts

Hair mists are a massive trend in the beauty industry, Katie Wright discovers.

How do you apply your perfume? Do you spritz directly on your wrists and neck, or do you create a cloud of scent in the air and walk into it?

Either way, fragrance application traditionally focuses on getting the scent on our pulse points, the theory being that the heat generated in these areas...