10 Safe-Haven Passports to Consider as a Plan B

James Carter
Authored by James Carter
Posted: Friday, February 23, 2024 - 07:46

Wealthy immigrants are interested in obtaining official status outside their home country. This is often due to the inconvenient taxation system and high risks at home. It is easy to discover an opportunity for trouble-free movement, but you need to spend a little time.

Accredited agents help to avoid inadmissible delay. The list of tasks includes the selection of a suitable program based on Immigrant Invest passport ranking. Professional assessment and widespread support will allow you to get a backup plan on favorable terms.

What Makes a Passport Eligible for Plan B

Getting to know the options starts with a list of criteria. How can you determine that a country is among the top safe havens for an investor and his capital? Experienced agent Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest company) tells us about it and lists the main characteristics. It includes:

  1. Health care. The system of medical guarantees will make it possible to get help in difficult situations and undergo treatment without additional costs.
  2. Travel. The opportunity to travel and not to draw up documents is available to those who have received a second strong passport.
  3. Education. Investors who move with their families can guarantee education in the best universities of the country for their children.

Preparation for participation in programs includes comparing their requirements with the conditions that the chosen country offers.

  1. Australia

Australia is located at a distance from other countries, which affects its domestic policy. Thus, the state concludes agreements with partners from Europe and helps citizens to travel freely. The absence of inheritance tax and capital gains tax complete the list of important advantages.

  1. Canada

Although the country does not have membership in the European Union, it offers many privileges to permanent residents. Citizens travel to the U.S. after electronic registration, and other countries allow visa on arrival. In addition, Canada improves taxation policy and exempts inheritance taxes.

  1. Ireland

Neighborhood with Great Britain allows you to be confident in the future. Wealthy entrepreneurs enjoy visa-free travel to Hong Kong as well as other countries. The high standard of living includes free medical care, access to leading universities and a solid GDP.

  1. Finland

Finland has not stopped stabilizing its economy. Today, this has brought the result of membership in the European Union. Thus, moving to the commonwealth countries and registration on arrival is of particular interest to investors. Stable economic situation and strong position in the international arena helps to develop business.

  1. St. Lucia

The small island nation is highly rated as an excellent destination for immigration, as detailed on https://immigrantinvest.com/passport-index/plan-b/. Citizenship in this nation has every reason to claim a place in the Plan B passport ranking. It boasts a loyal tax system, which includes no rate on foreign capital gains, inheritance, and corporation tax.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is far from a newcomer to the international scene. The evaluation of the program as a backup option looks encouraging. Citizens enjoy the right to freedom of movement in Europe, trouble-free travel to other states, and the benefits of participation in the Benelux organization.

  1. St. Vincent & Grenadines

The conditions for asset protection are rated at 46 points, which distinguishes the country from the rest of the ranking. Entrepreneurs can choose from a wide range of business areas, from banana farming to the tourism business. There is a favorable climate, good location and proximity to the Caribbean Sea.

  1. Iceland

Iceland's uniqueness is known all over the world. Tourists visit the country for the beautiful views, and investors invest in the development of the economy. Direct investment is one of the ways of naturalization, which takes up to 7 years. Opportunities for entrepreneurs are not limited and the cost of living is affordable.

  1. Netherlands

If you are looking for a program to get safe passports in European countries, get acquainted with the privileges of permanent citizens of the Netherlands. Visiting developed countries will not cause any inconvenience, and the favorable economic situation allows you to classify the state as a "safe haven" in the world.

  1. St Kitts & Nevis

Attractive cost of participation in the program is one of the advantages. Reasons include a favorable tax system, quality health care, and visa-free travel. A family of more than 4 people can be included in the application and the cost is not too much affected.


There are plenty of plan B passports available. You will be able to choose an offer according to a variety of criteria, including the educational system or conditions for corporations. It is worth studying the programs after identifying the important aspects:

  • how to apply for second citizenship;
  • application processing time;
  • requirements for applicants.

The international rating of safe harbors will help to distinguish the main candidates. To make a decision, it is worth considering the availability of an expert who will prepare the documents and submit them to the government within a short period of time. 


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