Decluttering and organising for a Minimalist Lifestyle

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2024 - 23:06

Choosing a minimalist lifestyle means focusing solely on the things that bring joy and value, with simplicity and purpose as its foundations. Decluttering and organising are essential steps towards achieving such a lifestyle, as those who seek it prioritise quality over quantity.

However, parting with personal possessions can be challenging. Here are a few tips from Attic Self Storage to ease the process.

Embrace the Concept of Mindful Consumption

In our current society, we are constantly being encouraged by authorities and social movements to decrease our consumption to protect the environment. One way to start on the path towards a more minimalist lifestyle is by practicing mindful consumption. This will lead to intentionally making decisions about what we keep or discard, and avoiding unnecessary purchases. It's important to recognise that our individual consumption habits have an effect on our community and future generations, which should motivate us to reduce waste. Ultimately, embracing mindful consumption is key to beginning the process of decluttering and simplifying our lives.

Commence decluttering

We are all more or less attached to the objects found in our home. Some of them hold a deeper emotional significance, whilst others are simply a part of our daily lives. That is why it can be quite daunting to begin decluttering. However, some techniques can make the process easier.

Firstly, the overall task must be broken down into smaller parts. The mere thought of decluttering an entire house can be overwhelming enough to render one immobile and dissuade any action. Instead, select one room or even just a single surface particularly cluttered with objects. Take each item one by one and ask yourself: "Does this object still bring me joy?" If the answer is no, then it is time to part with it.

Continue this method until you have gone through all items on that surface, and then stop for the day. Repeat this approach every day for short periods of time. Soon, you will have completed an entire room, and before long, your whole house will have been decluttered. Pro tip: Consider utilising self-storage for items you don't currently need but may require in the future, freeing up space in your home.

Reorganise the House as You go

One of the great advantages brought by decluttering is that your home will become much more organised as you free it from the useless objects it contains. This will provide the perfect opportunity to revisit the way you store your clothes, food, and cleaning products. Throughout the process, you may decide you need more storage space to remove from view any objects you want to keep but don't necessarily need on display, cluttering desks and tables. In a minimalist lifestyle, the first thought shouldn't be to acquire new storage items, but rather repurpose elements that are already in the house. For example, unused small plant pots can be transformed into holders for cleaning sponges. Keep an eye out for any small or large items that could serve as storage for other objects before throwing them away. Note: Be careful not to use this excuse for keeping objects that you don't truly need.


Opting for a minimalist way of life is certainly in line with current trends. By embracing the concept of mindful consumption, initiating the decluttering process will become much easier. Before long, you'll be able to cultivate an environment rid of superfluous possessions, which can be efficiently reorganised by optimising storage space within the home.

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