What Does it Mean to Live a Life of Significance?

The idea of living a life of significance might sound amazing when you first hear about it, but when you start to do it – or try to do it – you might realize that it’s not so easy to put the idea into practice. After all, what exactly does it mean?

The reality is that the way someone might live a life of significance is going to be different for each individual, but that doesn’t mean that some of the basic ideas will work for everyone, so with that in mind, keep reading for some tips on just how to live a life of significance.

Be Generous

One of the best things someone can do if they want to live a life of significance is to be generous. That doesn’t necessarily mean giving away money and possessions, but why not if that’s what feels right to you? If it’s not something you can do, generosity can encompass many things, including being generous with your time, words, ideas, home, and so on.

Take charity, for example. You can definitely donate to charity, and you might even want to leave a gift to a cause close to your heart, such as Macmillan, in your will, but you can also volunteer and help that way, or organize a fundraiser and help that way. Perhaps you can simply spread the world, and that’s helpful and generous as well. As you can see, generosity comes in many forms, and all of them can make your life more significant.

Pursue Your Passions

Everyone has something in their life that they’re passionate about, but often, those passions can be ignored because of responsibilities – after all, how can you pursue a passion when you have to work and pay the bills?

Well, if you want to live a life of significance, you’ll need to work out how to follow your passions because you need to life a happy life – the happier you are, the more you can help others, and the better your relationships will be, and that’s certainly significant. So think about what you love to do or would love to do again if you’ve had to stop and get going with it. It might take time to work out how to fit it into your schedule, but if you get your family and friends to help, you can reignite that spark and find your life is more significant again.

Have Friendships

There are many excellent reasons to have friendships in your life, and the fact that they can make life more significant and meaningful is just one of them – it’s a big reason, though, so don’t ignore it.

Friendships are important because they give you people to rely on, to talk things through with, to comfort you, and to have fun with, and although you might think you don’t need that kind of relationship, the fact is that you probably will at some point. It’s amazing the difference having friends can make. In fact, having friends is even linked to being healthier and living longer, so it’s definitely worth working on your relationships and making sure they’re strong.

Author Bio:

Freelance writer, Delicia Warren, is passionate about the environment and the impact humans are having on the world around us. After starting her career in the sustainability field, after taking a period of time to raise her two small humans, Delicia now dedicates her spare time to writing about how people can make a difference, one step at a time.


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