6 advantages of using mirrors in interior design

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Friday, June 28, 2024 - 00:17

From checking your appearance to making sure you’re performing an activity correctly, mirrors are a necessity for most of us throughout our modern day-to-day lives.

However, a mirror isn’t just a one-trick pony that simply shows you your reflection. Mirrors are actually extremely versatile pieces of décor that can become powerful interior design tools.

If you’ve ever felt stumped when searching for that final touch to tie a room together or a special feature to elevate your interior style, then a mirror could be just the solution.

More than just a vanity accessory, here are the top benefits of mirrors that can help you to decorate your home or business – achieving maximum visual impact at minimal cost.

1) Creating the illusion of more space

When they reflect the area back to itself, mirrors can make even small rooms look larger, as though they are expanding the existing space. This works like an optical illusion, creating visual depth and making the place feel spacious.

The larger the mirror, the more it can reflect, and the more expansive the area will feel. Positioning smaller mirrors to balance out other features of the room can also achieve a sense of harmony that makes the room feel well-proportioned.

2) Making rooms much brighter

Another reason why mirrors make rooms feel larger is because they reflect light, whether natural or artificial. The brighter the space is, the more open, airy, and inviting it appears, creating a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.

Forget dull rooms with dark corners – place a mirror across from a window and watch your mood soar as the amount of sunlight increases. The more you make the most of natural light with mirrors, the lower your energy bills will be, too!

3) Introducing a stylish focal point

Maybe you have a tight budget for renovations, or you want to keep your decorative features to a minimum to avoid overwhelming the space. In either case, investing in a mirror provides a great opportunity to make an eye-catching statement.

With so many different sizes and shapes of mirrors on offer, not to mention the variety of mirror frames, you’re sure to find a mirror that expresses your tastes and complements the area well – whether it’s in a lounge, hallway, bathroom, or kitchen.

4) Disguising imperfections or awkward features

Do you have faded wallpaper that you can’t replace right now? Is the paint on your wall chipped or stained? Maybe there’s a dent or an unsightly hole left behind by a hook that needs filling in? Whatever the case, hiding issues like these behind a mirror is a quick fix.

Of course, it’s not a permanent solution, but concealing unpleasant features on your wall by placing a mirror over them distracts from the parts you don’t like – helping the space to stay looking good until you do have the time and money to address them properly.

5) Providing functionality and security

When you install mirrors in strategic places, such as above bathroom sinks or bedroom dressing tables, in hallways across from doors or by the front door, or in living spaces opposite windows, they can fulfil a number of both practical and aesthetic functions.

Convenient for a last check before you head out, ensuring you take care of your teeth and skin properly, helping to plan outfits with full-length visuals, correcting your work-out techniques – and even improving security if they help you to see into different areas.

6) Customisable to suit your needs

Round, rectangle, square, arched, or even pond-shaped. Free-standing, leaning against a wall, or wall-mounted – maybe covering a whole wall. Classic silver, warm bronze, or antique aged-effect glass. There are so many choices before you even consider frames…

Whether you want to stick with a frameless mirror or would like to use a specific frame, another advantage of mirrors is that the glass can easily be cut to size. So, if you contact a supplier of mirrors made to order, you can tailor your mirrors to fit your space exactly.

Helping you to achieve the perfect finish for your preferred interior design style!

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