The Interesting World of Celebrity Investing

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Saturday, July 6, 2024 - 22:02

The world of the rich and famous is full of those who want to expand their empire. The usual way to do this is to stay in their lane and pursue more money in the industry in which they are already knowledgeable about and already have connections. However, in this article, we're going to look into those who have pursued opportunities in business interests that are not that familiar to them.

The Biggest Sport in the World

The popularity of football is unmatched around the world. The World Cup is one of the biggest tournaments on the planet, while leagues in England, Spain, and other European countries attract a global audience. This popularity has seen the sport transcend industries. For example, the iGaming sector has a wide range of products that include football games such as Buzz Bingo which offers Goal Blitz. Games such as these allow gamers to sample the world of football and have new football-themed features like the golden football and goalpost gathering, as well as the usual additions like free spins. 

The lure of football has meant a growing trend of celebrity football club owners over the past few years. Ryan Reynolds owns Wrexham and has developed a successful Disney+ documentary. LeBron James has shares in Liverpool, Kevin Hart has a stake in the Philadelphia Union, Steve Nash owns part of the Vancouver Whitecaps, and of course David Beckham has turned from player to owner and now owns Miami FC. With the money in football only increasing, this trend is sure to grow.

The Light of Your Life

Gwyneth Paltrow, the award-winning actress, has been the face of plenty of famous brands, such as Estee Lauder; however, in recent years, she decided to enter an industry somewhat unfamiliar to her and created the company Goop. Creating products such as candles, the actress set up the enterprise in 2008, and it's now worth over $250 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. She's not the only one who saw money in candles, though. That list includes Anthony Hopkins. The Hannibal actor created his own scented candles in 2020. Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez are two others who have made their way into the sector too.

Baby Products

There was a time when Jessica Alba was one of the most recognizable actresses on the planet. She starred in popular movies such as Sin City; however, her acting career has taken a back seat in recent years. In 2012, she created the company Honest Co., which makes baby products and is stocked in the biggest retailers all over the United States. It now produces over $85 million in revenue, according to the company itself. Of course, she is not the only celebrity dabbling in the sector. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have a plant-based baby care line, while Jennifer Garner owns an organic baby food company. 

There you have it: a list of celebrities who have taken risks in industries that weren't exactly familiar to them. We're sure it won't be too long before you hear about the next surprising celebrity to release a product you never would have guessed.

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