Manchester Arena survivor Freya Lewis

Manchester Arena survivor Freya Lewis on her second chance at life

Freya Lewis keeps a MAC lipstick in the centre of her make-up drawer, used by her best friend Nell Jones during the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena nearly three years ago.

It was inside the tan bag Freya, then 14, was carrying when the terrorist bomb which killed 22 people went off metres from where she was standing.

Arm in arm, the friends had left the concert on...

Woman in robe feeling tired after not enough sleep

This is why bad sleep makes your skin look terrible (and what you can do about it)

How did you sleep last night? If the answer is ‘badly’, you’re not alone.

According to research from The Sleep Council , 74% of people in Britain sleep less than the recommended seven hours per night, while 30% sleep badly most nights. And at times like this, these figures are likely to be much higher.

The same study found that the lifestyle aspects most affected by a lack...

Woman working at home on laptop in bedroom. Lifestyle

Seven top tips for setting up a home office

Once the preserve of reclusive novelists, working from home has suddenly gone from occasional to near-universal.

Recent years had already seen a shift towards more remote and flexible working, to be fair – but the coronavirus pandemic has forced countless businesses to set up shop at home.

If you’re totally new to home working, chances are it’s a steep learning curve. Here’s...

Woman with ponytail and grey vest practising yoga. Lifestyle. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ten lifestyle hobbies to take up during the lockdown to keep yourself busy

With coronavirus shutdown, millions of us are looking for ways to stay entertained at home.

But if your life in isolation so far is revolving around binging TV shows and drinking wine, it might be time to try a new approach. Getting immersed in a new hobby can be really good for mental health and reducing stress, and with most of us spending our days cooped up inside, it’s never been...

  Do you need to wear sunscreen inside? Elderly Woman working from home (iStock/PA)

Why you still need to protect your skin indoors

Some skincare rules are non-negotiable, like applying SPF before you leave the house and drinking plenty of water.

No matter how dedicated you are to these dictums, a change in routine can really trip you up. If you’re currently spending a lot more time inside – like so many people around the world – do the same golden skincare rules apply?

Of course, spending a bit more...

From gender-neutral parenting to 're-wilding', the lifestyle trends set to dominate 2020

The annual Pinterest 100 report has launched, revealing the lifestyle trends that have been gaining popularity on the visual site this year.

Split into 10 main topics, the report analyses data from the 320 million people sharing 'Pins' on the platform and predicts 100 trends that will continue to grow in 2020.

While in previous years the report focused on visual themes like...

Moth invasions are getting worse year on year – how to keep them at bay

Sam Wylie-Harris reports on how to keep your prized clothing, carpets and soft furnishings free from the silent species.

They don’t buzz, they don’t bite and they’re harmless to humans – but for the common clothes moth, cashmere is king, wool carpets and silk throws are the holy grail.

Thanks to a mild winter and warm summer, we’re in the midst of a moth plague. Enquiries to...