Rejuvenate your skin with these Missha bestsellers

Rejuvenate your skin with these Missha bestsellers

Rejuvenate is a word we often encounter in many beauty products and advertisements. It is a term most beauty companies use to transform dull, aging skin into smoother, younger skin. Premature aging is the type of aging that happens at an early age. Unfortunately, a significant number of people are suffering from it due to various reasons such as lifestyle and stress.

Skin aging is...

The Many Ways to Style a Charm Necklace

Most women have at least one charm necklace in their wardrobe, however, they may not wear this piece very often because they don't know how to style it multiple ways. These necklaces can vary from a delicate chain to a chunky necklace with oversized charms. As a result, women find they can wear them in a variety of ways. The following serve as a few suggestions to get you started.


Lots of misinformation and bad advice is being shared on social media

This is what two dermatologists have to say about DIY face masks on TikTok

With skincare routines galore, ingredients explanations and skin-fluencer heavyweights like Hyram Yarbro joining, TikTok is now giving YouTube a run for its money when it comes to inspiring, educational and accessible skincare content.

But a new study from analysing 750 TikTok videos from 50 of the platforms’ top skin-fluencers found that only half had skincare...

A skincare routine inspired by K-beauty

When you hear about South Korea, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is K-pop and how famous some bands like BTS have gotten over the past few years. You may also have heard about K-beauty and how it has been influencing Western brands - which have increasingly relied on Korean and Japanese beauty trends to release new ‘innovative’ products. In South Korea, taking care of your...

Women reported being shamed for being too natural

Women 'risk' grey hair to feel authentic

Many women "risk" allowing natural grey hair to show in order to feel authentic, a new study shows .

Researchers from the University of Exeter surveyed women who chose not to dye their grey hair, and found a "conflict" between looking natural and being seen as competent.

Participants in the study – mostly from English-speaking countries – belonged to online groups whose...

Our skin's best friend, CBD oil!

Our skin's best friend, CBD oil!

Cannabidiol is a cannabis-related drug. Known for its calming effects , some evidence also indicates that skin disorders such as acne may benefit.

Acne is the human skin's most common disease. Sebum, a skin sticky material, blends with dying skin cells, soil and other contaminants and becomes stuck through pores. Excessive development of sebum, hormone imbalances, biology, high-...

Heres how some of the world's most inspirational women wind down

Sleep for success: How the worlds most inspirational women prepare to hit the hay

Ever wondered how some of the world's most inspirational women wind down after a long day at work?

British bedding company, Soak & Sleep , has compiled the evening routines of 17 of the worlds most influential women.

From Her Majesty the Queen and Kamala Harris to Rhianna and Munroe Burgdorf...

Whilst we might not be able to relate to the long lists of...

Humidify and Hydrate Your Hair

How to Humidify and Hydrate Your Hair?

For most people, this means using shampoo and conditioner.

You can use natural hair products for your curly or natural hair to keep your hair moisturized. Use natural hair products that include olive oil, coconut milk, or aloe vera gel. You may even use a homemade mask once or twice a week. But why stop there?

  • What if you could take two natural ingredients and mix them
  • ...
eyes rank as the most loved part of our bodies

Just 11% of women love their bodies - here’s how to boost your love for yourself

Research by the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, Yoppie , has revealed that just 11% of UK women love their bodies.

Yoppie surveyed women across the nation on their love for their bodies and found that just 11% outright love their body, with 41% only loving it sometimes. This means that a huge 48% of women are yet to find love when it...

Beautiful ideas for how to style your hair with hair extensions

Beautiful ideas for how to style your hair with hair extensions

If you’ve been hoping for longer and thicker hair, the good news is that thanks to hair extensions it’s now easier than ever to achieve. These days, you can get top-quality hair extensions that seamlessly blend in with your natural hair so that no one even has to know you’re wearing them if you don’t want them to. You can even purchase them online to fit yourself as a cheaper alternative to...

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