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How can I help others during coronavirus outbreak?

Authored by Marc Astley

Lots of people have started to ask: how can I help others during the coronavirus pandemic?

Doing our bit to help minimise the spread of the virus is paramount, of course. But beyond that, in times of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, especially when so much feels out of our control, tapping into our community spirits and thinking of how we can possibly help others during...

Sharon Horgan attending the Military Wives UK premiere held in Leicester Square, London

Why turning 50 is actually great

Authored by Claire Roberts

An age milestone will always have the power to make you reflect on your life and Irish actress and screenwriter Sharon Horgan – now starring in the film Military Wives alongside Kristin Scott Thomas – has revealed that turning 50 is a time that comes with some ‘fear’.

Speaking to the Daily Mail’s Event magazine, Horgan, who turns 50 in July 2020, said: “The kind of person I want to...

 Kym Marsh attending The Sun Military Awards 2020 held at the Banqueting House, London

As Kym Marsh opens up about perimenopause test, what are they and should you have one?

Authored by Claire Roberts

For many women, the signs of perimenopause can be hugely confusing. Running through everything from heavier periods and night sweats to anxiety, they can easily be mistaken for other issues such as PMS or simply ageing. And for many, problems with hormonal mood swings can leave them angry and overwhelmed.

It might come as a surprise then, if you are approaching perimenopausal age –...

Sue Mason and Roland Chesters, who give talks about their experience of living with HIV

HIV on the rise among older women

Authored by Angela Belassie

HIV is on the rise among older women as they remain sexually active – but without using protection.

There has been a five-fold increase of women aged between 45 and 56 receiving care for HIV in the UK in the last ten years, a study has found.

This is partly because people are living longer with the infection due to advances in medicine - but 20 per cent of new diagnoses have...

Woman surfing internet at coffee shop

Seven problems you’ll face if you’re working from home for the first time because of coronavirus

Authored by Marc Astley

There are several, palpable advantages to working from home.

You can stay in bed longer and tick a few household chores off your do-to list at lunchtime. You can dodge the delights of commuting, and the horrors of the pre-packed lunchtime sarnie. And, hopefully, you can avoid getting the coronavirus.

But with the perks come the pitfalls. These are the classic mistakes you’re...

 Clients at Peggy Dodd day centre using the MindHarp

Musicians create app to help people living with dementia

Authored by Angela Belassie

TWO musicians have developed an app to help enrich the lives of people living with dementia after experiencing the effects of the illness first-hand.

Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath, from Bristol, have created the Lydian MindHarp , a tool which allows non- musicians to create their own music.

The Mindharp has been shown to help people with dementia engage with music and...

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How to stay calm about Coronavirus if you are worried about getting ill

Authored by Marc Astley

Stressed about Coronavirus (Covid- 19)? Wondering how to calm your thoughts or what to say to your children? Or are you stressed about your relative's health? Health is the most important thing in anyone's life, so with an ever-changing situation with the Coronavirus it is easy to worry about the unknown. Once you begin overthinking a problem you begin to actually hypnotize yourself...

Budget tampon tax

Government expected to scrap tax on women’s sanitary products in budget

Authored by Marc Astley

The tampon tax will finally be scrapped from the start of next year, the Chancellor is expected to announce in next week’s budget.

It’s a cause for celebration for Laura Coryton and her 300,000 supporters, who have campaigned tirelessly since Laura started her petition in 2014.

Laura was able to celebrate a milestone in 2015 when the Government agreed to divert...

 Pregnant woman talking with a friend at home

Why the support of other mums can really help new mums cope

Authored by Marc Astley

Experienced mums supporting pregnant and new mums is a great way to help them, say Netmums and NCT

Having a baby can be the most joyful experience of your life. Quickly followed, in some cases, by the most lonely, scary and bewildering experience.

And while some mums or mums-to-be may never feel the negative side of parenting,...

What self isolation means and its possible impact on your rights and pay

Authored by Marc Astley

Up until a week ago many of us had probably never heard the term ‘self-isolation’. Today, however, not a day goes by without us being aware of people who have been asked or chosen to isolate themselves in order to try and minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.

What impact does this have on workers’ rights and pay? Nicole Rogers, Solicitor at DAS Law https://www...