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Research by NASA has found that indoor plants can remove 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours

Top house plants to spruce up your home office

Incorporating biophilic design into your home office is one of the best ways to help encourage wellbeing and stress reduction. Indoor plants essentially do the opposite of what we do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This freshens up the air and eliminates harmful toxins throughout your office space.

Why should you incorporate plants into your space?...

Keep cool and carry on working from home in the summer heat

Beat the Heat: Five tips on how to stay cool when working from home

The UK recorded the hottest day of the year so far as temperatures exceeded 30C in across the nation and Google searches for fans in the UK since last week have increased by a whopping 669%!

As much as this weather is truly appreciated by Brits, a lot of us are still working from home without the joy of the office air-conditioning. To help, tech experts at have revealed...

Extra bathrooms are increasingly sought-after by younger generations

New data shows the value of additional bathrooms

The UK property market is booming, and British house hunters are prioritising properties with additional bathrooms and are willing to pay extra for the privilege, according to new research1 by  The Bathroom Showroom . 

The vast majority (86%) of those surveyed  would be willing to pay more if the property in question came with at least two bathrooms, and on average Brits would pay £3...

Interesting reasons why you should hang more photos in your home

They’re something you’ll find in almost every home in all corners of the globe – photographs. Whether they’re images of long-gone relatives, friends and family, recent events or family milestones captured on camera, there’s something charming and enchanting about looking back through your own recent or distant history.

Today many of us capture wonderful images, only for them to be...

1 in 2 Brits want to create more space at home

Five Space-Saving Ideas for Smaller Homes

Lockdown restrictions may be lifting, however many office workers are still continuing to work from home, with research revealing that 1 in 2 Brits want to create more space at home. With some Brits having worked from home since the pandemic began in March 2020, people are having to get creative in order to remain both comfortable and productive.

With this in mind, celebrity home...

How to automate your home’s energy usage

Home automation is a fantastic way to save yourself time, while also reducing your energy bills and having a positive impact on the environment. So called smart homes are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, including worldwide efforts to reduce carbon emissions and the realization that home automation can save you, and your family, a good deal of money. There are a few ways...

Decorating is the DIY activity most likely to result in an accidental damage claim

Insurance company reveals two thirds of DIY claims caused by decorating disasters

The latest investigation from Admiral home insurance has revealed that decorating is the DIY activity most likely to result in an accidental damage claim, accounting for 65% of the total DIY-related claims.

Analysis of the insurance giant’s data from the last five years1 found decorating took the top spot as the most common type of claim, well ahead of other DIY activities including...

3% of Brits admit that having an outdoor space has become more important since the pandemic

40% of Brits are looking to transform their outdoor spaces this year

With 40% of Brits set to transform their outdoor spaces this year, Jeyes Fluid , the British heritage outdoor cleaning specialist, today announces that it has joined forces with award-winning stylist and interiors writer, Melanie Lissack, to launch its ‘Creative Spaces’ Initiative, to inspire Brits to upcycle and repurpose leftover and forgotten items, to help transform their outdoor spaces...

Ways to refresh your kitchen

Of all the rooms in your house, your kitchen is one that plays a major role in the overall functionality of your home. It is the place that you prepare meals for yourself and your family and, if it has some seating included in the design, is one of the rooms that tend to serve as a gathering place for everyone in the house.

Since your kitchen gets so much use on a day-to-day basis,...

July and August is the height of the UK's moving  season

Moving in Summer: Top Tips for Peak Moving Season

You might be wondering; when really is the best time to move home?

Summer, in particular July and August , is in fact the height of the UK's moving season, with the majority of home moves happening during this period. With the weather at its best (if Brits are lucky!), the kids out of school, and an ample amount of properties on the market, moving and settling before the colder and...