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Brits across the UK are facing the first hosepipe ban in 26 years 

Five easy hacks to keep your garden healthy during a hosepipe ban

Brits across the UK are facing the first hosepipe ban in 26 years after months of scorching temperatures, with South West Water the latest water supplier to announce a hosepipe ban, starting next week.

The ban could prove tricky for some gardeners since gardens will likely need some TLC after the extreme heat. But turning to your hose could leave you facing a hefty £1,000 fine once...

list of the best plants and veggies to sow in UK gardens right now

Grow your own ... what to plant now for late summer

Green-fingered Brits wanting to keep gardens fresh and blooming throughout the late summer are being urged to get planting now. 

The outdoors experts at have rounded up a list of the best plants and veggies to sow in UK gardens right now, in time for the late summer. 

Even as the end of summer begins to creep up, there’s no reason to abandon...

A Practical Guide to Extending your Living Space Outdoors

For many homeowners, having an outdoor space where you can relax and entertain your guests is a dream come true. Spending time outside your house can be as comfortable as spending time inside, and with a suitable outdoor space, you can enjoy both comfort and functionality.

Once you have the suitable space, designing your outdoor living space becomes more effortless. All you need to...

5 Simple and Speedy Renovations that Increase Property Rental Value

Renting out a property can come with a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of opportunities. Investing a little money in your rental property can have a double-whammy effect of upping your monthly rental value while also adding to the property valuation.

There are plenty of reasons to renovate a rental property and keep it up to date, but where should you concentrate your...

Innovative Ways to use Patterns in your Home Décor

Incorporating different patterns into your home décor can be pretty intimidating. However, when done right, you will have a fantastic piece in your hands as patterns add energy to a room. Patterns can be found in various materials, including marble veining, wood, tiles, and textiles. When not correctly combined, the appearance of the pattern can be off-putting to the eyes.


6 Ways to Redecorate your Bathroom on Budget in 2022

Redecorating a part of your home, especially the bathroom, can be costly. There are many aspects to bathroom decoration that can be staggeringly expensive, especially things that involve redoing the plumbing or replacing fixtures like sinks and toilets. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your home to give it a fresh new look without spending a fortune. In fact, there are a...

Almost a quarter of Brits have admitted they would throw away their stained sofa instead of getting it cleaned,

The UK’s most common sofa stains revealed

Almost a quarter of Brits have admitted they would throw away their stained sofa instead of getting it cleaned, according to new research released today*.

Every year, up to 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded and the majority are sent to landfills up and down the country. At least half of these items are still in a usable state but are thrown away because they are dirty,...

How to Get Allergies in Your House Under Control

Pollen, dust, and mold are dangerous elements for individuals with allergies. These allergens need to be far away from such individuals. You cannot control allergy to the maximum, but you can reduce it to bearable levels.

To control allergies at your home, you must maintain a high level of hygiene. The hygiene both in and outside your home needs to be thorough. Apart from cleaning...

How to reduce water usage in the bathroom

UK drought warning: how can Brits reduce their water usage in the bathroom?

With Brits being urged to cut unnecessary water use, given the latest drought threats and advice from The Environment Agency, Mark Fullilove at bathroom specialist, Sanctuary Bathrooms , shares advice on how to reduce water usage in the bathroom – often the most water intensive room in the house.

How can Brits reduce water usage in the bathroom, amid drought warnings?


Dried flowers can last for years if cared for correctly

Florist shares 5 ways to create the perfect everlasting preserved flowers at home!

Mary-Anne Da’Marzo of Soho’s preserved flower store, The Last Bunch , shares her trade secrets on creating beautiful dried flowers at home.

The increased popularity of flowering plants like pampas grass on Instagram has created a fascination of alternative flowers, particularly dried flowers or ‘everlastings’ as they’re also known.

According to recent analysis by The Last...

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