What you need to bring on your trip to avoid a camping disaster

Ultimate Checklist for a Summer Camping Trip

With campsites opening up without restrictions and a summer of festivals lined up, more and more people are choosing camping holidays at home and abroad. The trend of van living is fast becoming a sustainable option for many people long-term. This handy article rounds up what you need to bring...

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The UK is full of rude place names

The UK’s 77 rudest place names mapped

The UK is full of rude place names; the whole place is pure filth. You can take a trip from Crapstone to Wetwang via Great Snoring.

Shitterton, Butthole Lane and Fannylane are just three of many towns, villages and hamlets cheeky travellers could visit this summer, according to a map compiled by .

In Scotland, travellers could pass through several places...

Top tips on setting up your tent and how to keep cool

May Heatwave: Expert Advice For Families Going Camping

The UK is set for a May heatwave, with temperatures expected to reach 22 C in the North and 23 C in the South of England.

With airport chaos and costly flight prices, outdoor holiday booking company, Pitchup , expect campsites will be a popular choice of staycation this summer.

For families preparing for a sunny camping holiday, Pitchup has shared some expert advice on when...

How to Plan a Trip to Greece

There is no doubt that Greece is one of those destinations that keeps filling up Instagram feeds time and time again. If you are planning a trip to this incredible country, it is worth being prepared as there is a reason why it fills up these feeds – it can get awfully popular and busy. To give you a helping hand on this front, here are a few top tips for planning a trip to Greece.


The Best European Holiday Destinations for 2022

As nations around Europe reopen borders and ease or eliminate restrictions, and as flights, hotels, restaurants, and cafes reopen, vacations to Europe are once again a viable option for those seeking solace.

The European Best Locations organization (EBD) has revealed the list of the trendiest destinations in Europe for 2022, based on votes from over 500,000 travelers from 182...

Spring in the Lake District

The Lake District is one of those locations that is particularly beautiful to visit at any time of the year, from the coldest winters days to the longest days of summer. However, for many, spring is the best season to visit the area, and it really isn’t hard to see why.

The flowers are just coming into bloom, there are daffodils and snowdrops everywhere and if you venture into the...

Best places to holiday in the UK

The United Kingdom truly is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. Its varied landscape, rich history, and cultural diversity make it an ideal place to take a holiday. Whether you're looking for a quiet country getaway or a city break, there's bound to be somewhere in the UK perfect for you. Here are just a little selection of the truly brightest and best places to holiday in the UK...

Male motorists are clocking-up more than twice as many penalty points as females

Oh man! Penalty points hit male motorists where it hurts

Male motorists are clocking-up more than twice as many penalty points as their female counterparts, according to new data from the Department for Transport (DfT).

Male drivers racking up three penalty points on their licences currently total 1,343,700, compared to 606,700 for female drivers, as of the 5 February this year.

The number of male drivers with six points is 395,...

Rishi Sunak said Britain will spend an extra £2.5 billion improving the roads

The first rut is the deepest

It has been a good week for Rod Stewart, the veteran rocker’s pothole problems will be sorted out by Essex County Council in April.

The singer – who had his greatest UK chart success with ‘Sailing’ – complained that "people are bashing their cars up" because of the potholes and that includes his Ferrari.

Pictures of Sir Rod fixing the problem with spade in hand have...

Dartmoor National Park has ranked top of the list of stargazing spots in the UK

Dartmoor National Park crowned best stargazing spot in new study

Dartmoor National Park, based in Devon, has ranked top of the list of stargazing spots in the UK, according to new research.

Property developers, Essential Living , scoped out the best spots for stargazing across the country, using a number of factors including the highest hills to help get closer to the stars, plus the volume of light pollution, and rainfall in each area to assure...

Moving to the UK v Holidaying in the UK: Which Should You Choose?

The UK is a great place with many benefits, whether you choose to move there or simply holiday in the UK. In this article, we’re going to provide the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the UK vs. just holidaying in the UK.

Some countries are the perfect place to move to; they offer affordable accommodation, welcoming people, good job prospects, and more. Alternatively, some...

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