A couple holding hands with female wearing an engagement ring

Top tips for putting a ring on it

Jewellery experts at Abelini have teamed up with Megan Smith, a Leeds-based bride married in 2023, to share tips on how to drop hints on your dream engagement ring, as well as how to subtly find out your partner’s preferences if you’re the one proposing.

Megan said: “Alongside your wedding ring, your engagement ring will be one of the most sentimental and significant pieces of...

Winter gardening

Five top tips for getting your garden ready for winter

The days are getting shorter and the temperature colder – winter is fast approaching.

Spending time taking care of your garden now will save you from the hassle in a few months, after all, they say summer gardens are made in the winter. Below are five top tips to help you prepare your garden for the winter.

  1. Store Away Your Garden Furniture


Property experts warn snowfall could be causing further trouble to businesses

Heavy snowfall across parts of the country could be causing lasting damage to buildings left empty because of lockdown, warns property experts.

Jeremy Harrison, Managing Director at MSL Property Care Services had to say “Ordinarily where a building is occupied, the heating and regular use of pipes would help to ensure damage from extreme cold weather is mitigated or reduced, however...

Parent and child spending family time home schooling.

Home learning best practice advice for parents

Under normal circumstances, today would be the beginning of the Summer Term. Now, however, thousands of children across the UK will return to home-schooling instead, since schools have been shut officially since the 20th March. Many parents elected to take a break from lessons and observe the Easter Holiday; however, now parents and their kids must pick up their pencils again to carry on with...

Boy being home educated at desk with globe and educational books

Working from home with kids – coping with the pressure

After the government today announced that schools would close due to the Coronavirus outbreak from Friday, we explore some coping strategies to help home workers cope with what might be the most challenging period of life so far.

The reality of home schooling whilst trying to keep on working is very daunting indeed”, explains Jonathan Ratcliffe of

Working from...


How can I help others during coronavirus outbreak?

Lots of people have started to ask: how can I help others during the coronavirus pandemic?

Doing our bit to help minimise the spread of the virus is paramount, of course. But beyond that, in times of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, especially when so much feels out of our control, tapping into our community spirits and thinking of how we can possibly help others during...

Six signs that mean you might be in a toxic relationship

Experts tell us that no relationship is perfect, and that some amount of arguing and compromise is normal.

But if your partner’s behaviour is becoming a constant source of negativity, it might be a sign that you’re going through more than just a rough patch.

When it comes to love, we can easily be blind to the signs that a relationship is becoming harmful – because we all...

What is the best way to get your teenager to do their homework?

We all know teenagers should do their homework if they want to succeed at secondary school – but that doesn’t mean they will do it willingly, on time or even at all.

Which is why parents often use a variety of tactics, ranging from helpful, to annoying to downright counterproductive, in an attempt to to persuade adolescents to just get it done.

So what’s the best approach?...

How will divorce affect your children? Our expert offers advice

My husband and I have just split up – how are our children likely to react in these early stages of the separation?

Child psychotherapist Rachel Melville-Thomas, spokesperson for the Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP), says: “In the complicated task of setting up two homes and new arrangements for children to see both parents, how are the children really feeling as time goes...

Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy offers valuable advice on how to teach children to ride their bikes

There can't be many people who know more about riding bikes than the 11-times world champion and six-times Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Sir Chris Hoy.

The champion is currently passing some of his invaluable cycling knowledge on to his own kids – his five-year-old son, Callum, has recently learned to ride a bike, and his two-year-old daughter, Chloe, is just starting to learn...