Jane Gordan

Jane Gordon says she was in denial of the fact she'd ever be old

When it comes to pelvic floors, there’s something called ‘the star jump factor’, says journalist Jane Gordon. Pelvic floors – and keeping them in good working order – is just one of the challenges the writer took on for her new book, How Not To Get Old.

It all began for Gordon when she was in a bad car accident in 2017. Left unable to move in hospital (she’s since recovered), she...

Feeling stressed? 5 ways it could be affecting your skin, according to experts

Katie Wright asks skin specialists for tips on dealing with stress-related issues.

We all know the emotional and physical symptoms of too much stress – exhaustion, sleepless nights and falling ill more often are all sure signs that you’re running on empty and need to slow down.

Another way to determine whether your body is struggling to handle your hectic lifestyle? Take a...