Cat sleeping. Cat body language

What does your cat's sleeping position really mean?

Have you ever closely monitored your cat’s sleeping position ? Just like humans, our cats sleep in a variety of positions, so the way your little fur ball rests can tell you a lot about its behaviour and personality.

Below, we’ve asked the team of specialists from the Republic of Cats to share the meanings behind the most common cat sleeping positions.

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Eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners

How to avoid eight common mistakes cat owners make

Cats have earned a reputation for their independence, yet bringing home a new feline friend is a major decision which still requires a great deal of time, effort and money.

So, before you bring home an adorable kitten (no matter how tempting the thought is) , Eleonore Hacheme, Cat Nutritionist at Republic of Cats solves eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners.


Cats are for life not just for Christmas

12 tips to avoid sending your cat crackers at Christmas

Curiosity can have a notorious effect on cats, so the advent of tinsel, baubles and seasonal plants can turn a cosy Christmas home into a tempting playground of hazards for our furry friends.

To help keep kitty safe this Christmas and New Year, Cats Protection has shared 12 top tips for feline-friendly festivities to ensure the season can be enjoyed by all.

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What type of cat owner are you?

What type of cat owner are you?

Cat owners fall into five categories in terms of their attitudes to their pets’ roaming and hunting, according to a new study.

University of Exeter researchers surveyed UK cat owners and found they ranged from "conscientious caretakers" concerned about cats’ impact on wildlife and feel some responsibility, to "freedom defenders" who opposed restrictions on cat behaviour all together...

dog and cat on sofa

Pets are taking over our beds

Two in five owners let their dog or cat share their bed while one in three humanise them so much that they refuse to change their clothes or be naked in front of them. According to the survey, over two thirds (67%) let their pets on the furniture, just under half (49%) will give their pet human food and another third (31%) will happily let their pets lick their face.

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How much do you really know about cats? (iStock/PA)

15 bizarre things you never knew about cats

We feed them, stroke them, and live alongside them – but how much do you really know about your cat?

While dogs are fairly up front about things – when they look like they’re happy to see you, they actually are – cats can be a lot more mysterious, and their private lives extend far beyond the knowledge of their owners.

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