The best European cities for remote working

The low-cost airline Wizz has analysed data to identify the best European cities for remote working.

A combination of companies becoming flexible with remote working and almost two years of working from home, more of us are looking to escape our daily routines and even become a digital nomad. As many companies are now allowing their employees to work from anywhere, as long as it’s...

Sex And The City author Candace Bushnell: Things I would tell my younger self

As the creator of Sex And The City, Candace Bushnell knows more than most about dating, the way women think about men and the romantic scrapes people experience.

And now, at 60, she is revisiting dating, sex and all that goes with it in her latest memoir, Is There Still Sex In The City? but this time focusing on what happens when women of a certain age find themselves not-so-young,...