Adam Kay

Adam Kay says that leaving the NHS made him feel less useful

When ex-junior doctor and comedian Adam Kay, bestselling author of This Is Going To Hurt, set out to raise money for NHS charities through a compilation of NHS-focused celebrity anecdotes, he never expected the avalanche of responses he would receive.

“I was amazed. I thought we wouldn’t be so near the top of the barrel. It was a dream line-up. But when I started reading what the NHS...

Bobby Davro

Laughter is the best medicine right now says Bobby Davro

Comedy legend Bobby Davro is happily chatting and firing off jokes, when suddenly the laughter stops. He’s spotted a large spider and there’s no mistaking his fear.

“Please come and get it,” he wails to his daughter Brittany, 25, as he stands on a chair in the living room of his Surrey home.

“I’m not just scared of spiders, I’m terrified of them,” he explains, after it’s...

Paul Merton on his comedian wife: 'There's no rivalry between me and Suki'

He may seem somewhat dour and straight-faced when satirising politicians and celebrities on the long-running panel show Have I Got News For You but Paul Merton is surprisingly cheerful in conversation.

His deadpan and at times surreal comedy has endeared him to millions over the years and has been his own therapy in times of trouble, he admits.

Now appearing in the 58th...