Manage your pets anxiety as we head out of lockdown

Peaceful pooches during Pet Anxiety Month

As children return to school, pets purchased over lockdown are set to experience heightened levels of anxiety as owners prepare for normality to return as the UK heads out of lockdown, according to leading pet care brand Bob Martin, which has issued a warning to pandemic puppy owners.

Coinciding with Pet Anxiety Awareness Month in March, research has shown a quarter of Brits have...

Ticks are carriers of a range of diseases, the most prominent of which is Lyme Disease

Tick Bite Prevention Week 2021

Ahead of Tick Bite Prevention Week which will run from March 22 – 28, and as the coronavirus lockdown starts to ease, the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is raising awareness.

BASC deer officer Audrey Watson said that as the UK started to emerge from lockdown, there would be more and more people out in the countryside....

A rubbish collection company says that dog poo litter is up 200%

Dog owners are not cleaning up after their pups

Walking the dog has become one of the few opportunities to get outside for some fresh air during lockdown, but it has come at a stinking, germ-ridden cost..

A rubbish collection company says that dog poo litter is up 200%, a clear indicator that not all dog owners are cleaning up after their pups. Just as bad are those who bag the poo, and then dump the bag in the street or up a tree...

Dog's heart rates go up when they hear certain words

These words get your pooches heart rate up

Our loving and caring four-legged pals played a helping hand in making sure 2020 was made easier; they provided us with laughs, smiles and happiness throughout bleak times.

Intrigued to uncover what sends our household pals into a tail-wagging frenzy, experts at conducted a three-month study to find out which words and phrases our pooches love to hear the most. In a bid to...

Cuddling our dogs help reduce stress

Cuddling our four-legged friends helps reduce stress

Racking up millions of views on YouTube, ‘Cute Dog’ compilations seem to tug on our heartstrings when we need them the most.

With recent studies showing that watching videos of cute dogs and puppies can reduce stress, Pet Department at OnBuy wanted to find out if cuddling our four-legged friends could reduce stress even more, and if so, which breed makes you feel most relaxed....

How to make owning a dog much easier

A dog can bring many joys into your life, and many people say that they just couldn’t be without their beloved pet. Yet despite how wonderful dogs are, they are also a lot of hard work, and this is something that you must consider before making the commitment to owning a dog of your own.

Luckily, there are some useful tips on how to make owning a dog much easier, so if you’re...

Beware of dangers to your pets in Autumn

Charity warns pet owners to beware of autumn dangers

Blue Cross pet charity is warning dog owners to be vigilant around conkers and acorns which can poison them if eaten. Some owners may throw conkers for pets to catch without realising the activity is potentially fatal. Dogs can easily swallow conkers which can become lodged in their throat or intestines and dogs with blockages, or suspected blockages, could need surgery to remove them. Dogs...

dog and cat on sofa

Pets are taking over our beds

Two in five owners let their dog or cat share their bed while one in three humanise them so much that they refuse to change their clothes or be naked in front of them. According to the survey, over two thirds (67%) let their pets on the furniture, just under half (49%) will give their pet human food and another third (31%) will happily let their pets lick their face.

Half of Brits...

dog lying down

Eight bizarre facts you never knew about dogs

No other animal inspires the same devotion as the dog (sorry, cat people), and there’s any number of reasons why dogs are, at least by number of households, the most popular pets in the world.

Here are a few fantastical facts about man’s best friend…

1. Dogs can be genuinely selfless

American humorist Josh Billings once described dogs as “the only things on Earth...

Dogs get fed treats at almost HALF of human mealtimes

How To Choose The Best Food For Your Dog Dogs get fed treats at almost HALF of human mealtimes, a new study by dog food company reveals.

A separate study by researchers from the University of Liverpool estimates that 59 percent of dogs in Britain are overweight and this could shorten their lifespan by 2.5 years.

Our Q&A offers advice and tips on feeding treats...