We are using 52 million single use plastic masks a day

Dumped Contaminated Face Masks Blight the UK Causing Health & Safety Nightmare

Litter pickers across the UK are reporting a huge increase in the number of dumped contaminated disposable face masks being spotted during their patrols, as the number of single use masks used in the UK during 2021 is feared to reach 19.5 billion.

“The scale of the problem of carelessly dumped disposable face masks is massive – we use 52 million single use plastic masks a day and...

The UK is binning 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day

53 million disposable face masks are sent to landfill every single day

The UK is binning an incredible 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day, with reports that many face masks are ending up being carelessly discarded in the street ending up in streams and rivers.

“If you walk around any street now you will see disposable face masks being blown around with leaves in the gutter – they are the new cigarette butt – people are simply chucking...

Brits struggle to understand recycling symbols

Study Reveals Brits Still Do Not Know How to Recycle

Following Sir David Attenborough’s newest Netflix instalment, A Life On Our Planet, there have been a number of hard-hitting documentaries calling for us to take more responsibility for our planet and environment.

Although plastic pollution across the world has since plummeted , there is no denying the guidance surrounding what can be recycled and what can’t is somewhat confusing,...

Who will be crowned the next Eco-Hero

Who is the Eco-hero of the past decade?

David Attenborough? Greta Thunberg? Jamie Oliver? Or someone within your local community who’s been an unsung green hero? To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UK’s biggest environmental awards, the People Environment Achievement Awards (P.E.A. Awards), are asking the public to nominate their ‘Eco-hero of the Decade’ for a special award.

Anyone can vote for the person or team of...

Government’s new Green Homes Grant Scheme

Trade body tips for insulation under the Green Home Grant Scheme

Insulation projects are likely to be on the radar for homeowners itaking advantage of the government’s new Green Homes Grant Scheme.

With support offered for works to make homes more energy efficient, householders will be considering next steps to take to introduce new measures.

However, national trade body the Property Care Association (PCA), is urging caution in the...

PARENTS want schools to do more to educate kids about green issues,

Environmental studies should be part of the curriculum

Parents want schools to do more to educate kids about green issues, with almost half saying that environmental studies should be part of the curriculum, according to a new study.

Mums and dads of youngsters under 16 believe they should be taught about the impact that everyday habits have on the environment and the harm that materials such as plastic do to the eco system.


Joanne Machlachlan laying in plastic

Woman takes on month long eco challenge

A businesswoman from Lancashire is taking on an epic month long eco challenge after coming face-to-face with her household’s single use plastic usage.

On a quest to raise awareness about the sheer volume of plastic Bristish households get through every day, Joanne Machlachlan, who runs an e-commerce business called The Eco Friendly Living Co, collected and photographed all of the...

Recycling bins

Lockdown Green-up: Food waste down and recycling rates up

It looks like the enforced lockdown has made us better at recycling as we’ve changed the way we deal with our rubbish.

According to one waste management company, it looks like recycling rates have skyrocketed during the lockdown period, and less food being thrown away.

UK based waste collection company BusinessWaste.co.uk are thrilled with this news, as it shows that...

Beauty products better for environment

Four ways to cut down plastic waste in your beauty routine

We’re coming up to Plastic Free July (plasticfreejuly.org), an initiative designed to encourage us all to work towards a world where plastic waste is a thing of the past.

The campaign asks people to sign up to a challenge to reduce their plastic consumption during the month, be it commit to cutting down single-use plastic items, target takeaway items like carrier bags, straws,...

Gardening tips

Five ways to make your garden more sustainable

It’s not just in the garden where being green is important today. But there is a lot that we can do in our own outdoor spaces to help create a healthier environment and reduce our own carbon footprints! Now is a great time to consider your outdoor practices.

Here, the gardening experts at Toro have shared five ways you can do your little bit for the environment, from your own garden...