Supermarkets and manufacturers are being urged to make refillable products widely available

Manufacturers and supermarkets must do more to help consumers join refillable revolution

Which? is urging manufacturers and supermarkets to do more to make refillable products widely available and clearly labelled to help shoppers save money and the environment.

Refillable products are increasingly popular, but shoppers are struggling to find these environmentally friendly products on supermarket shelves and a lack of clear labelling means many consumers may be unaware...

The partnership will aim to provide a sustainable funding model for nature restoration at scale

National Parks have teamed up with Palladium to find £239 million to fund vital restoration work

Supporting the UK government’s world leading climate change target to cut emissions by 78% by 2035, the National Parks have teamed up with global impact firm Palladium to help find £239 million to fund vital restoration work over the next decade for some of the world’s most breath-taking natural landscapes.

This ground-breaking new partnership aligns with the urgent need to support...

Burning masks can be bad for the environment

Time to rethink a ‘burn your facemask’ party - you could damage the environment

Over a year since Covid-19 lockdowns began in the UK. the Great British public has, it seems, grown tired of wearing masks.

So much so, in fact, that many are planning ‘burn your face mask’ parties once lockdown is lifted to mark an end to the havoc wreaked by Covid-19.

Face masks have been mandatory in shops and other indoor areas since July last year, although were being...

South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) Launches Edtesa to Champion Positive Work Environments for UK Businesses

South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) Launches Edtesa to Champion Positive Work Environments for UK Businesses

The leading online safety charity, SWGfL, unveils Edtesa, an online platform offering UK businesses and organisations a suite of digital tools to assist in online safety practice whilst also supporting the development of healthy, positive work environments.

Following years of careful research, the two tools being launched with Edtesa are:

  1. Dashup: an anonymous
  2. ...
British consumers care about recycling but lacked awareness on improving their water quality

Global Survey Reveals Brits Are Eco-Conscious

The British are world leaders in recycling with 81% of people recycling when they can. The results are from a ground-breaking global survey on behalf of ZeroWater, a market leader in water filtration. Britain pipped Canada 78%, Italy 77%, and Spain 76% to the accolade.

The survey was conducted to discover people’s attitudes and perspectives on water, health, and environmental impacts...

The amount of rubber bands on the ground around the UK is in the millions

The Royal Mail lose 1 billion rubber bands a year

If you take a close look at the pavements up and down the UK, you might notice that they are littered with rubber bands - but where on earth are they coming from?

Unfortunately, the culprit is your local postie, as the Royal Mail use rubber bands to group letters together in their sorting offices ready for postal workers to deliver eagerly-awaited letters and unwanted junk mail in...

We are using 52 million single use plastic masks a day

Dumped Contaminated Face Masks Blight the UK Causing Health & Safety Nightmare

Litter pickers across the UK are reporting a huge increase in the number of dumped contaminated disposable face masks being spotted during their patrols, as the number of single use masks used in the UK during 2021 is feared to reach 19.5 billion.

“The scale of the problem of carelessly dumped disposable face masks is massive – we use 52 million single use plastic masks a day and...

The UK is binning 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day

53 million disposable face masks are sent to landfill every single day

The UK is binning an incredible 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day, with reports that many face masks are ending up being carelessly discarded in the street ending up in streams and rivers.

“If you walk around any street now you will see disposable face masks being blown around with leaves in the gutter – they are the new cigarette butt – people are simply chucking...

Brits struggle to understand recycling symbols

Study Reveals Brits Still Do Not Know How to Recycle

Following Sir David Attenborough’s newest Netflix instalment, A Life On Our Planet, there have been a number of hard-hitting documentaries calling for us to take more responsibility for our planet and environment.

Although plastic pollution across the world has since plummeted , there is no denying the guidance surrounding what can be recycled and what can’t is somewhat confusing,...

Who will be crowned the next Eco-Hero

Who is the Eco-hero of the past decade?

David Attenborough? Greta Thunberg? Jamie Oliver? Or someone within your local community who’s been an unsung green hero? To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UK’s biggest environmental awards, the People Environment Achievement Awards (P.E.A. Awards), are asking the public to nominate their ‘Eco-hero of the Decade’ for a special award.

Anyone can vote for the person or team of...