Woman doing a squat exercise

Top tips for Marathon training

With the London Marathon fast approaching, participants will likely be ramping up their training to prepare.

Keoghan Bellew, PT at Fitness Superstore , has shared his expert tips around supplementing an exercise regime with other workouts, to help elevate running performance, build strength, and enhance endurance.

From targeted strength training for your legs and core to...

Fighting Age-Related Loss of Muscle Mass

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass that occurs naturally as we age. The adage ‘use it or lose it’ applies. It’s a great idea to lift weights as you get older to counter this decline in muscle mass. Maintaining muscle and strength is associated with a better quality of life due to greater physical resilience and less physical restrictions. For example, someone who stays strong in their...

Great Exercise Supersets to Strengthen Your Whole Core

When I mention core training, most people think of sit-ups and crunches. These exercises have been a staple of core training for decades, but there is far more to training your core than this.

Your trunk can perform a variety of movements. It can flex (this is what you are doing when you do crunches and sit-ups), it can extend (arching your back), it can rotate/twist, and it can flex...

Six Metabolism-Boosting Exercises You Can Do at Home

You don’t need state-of-the-art equipment or a gym membership to get your heart pounding and sweat soaking your clothes. There are several fantastic exercises that require no equipment and can be performed in very small spaces. Here are six of my favourite metabolism-boosting cardio exercises that can be performed anywhere. They’re ideal for HIIT workouts or traditional circuits.


The Important of Strength Training

If you don’t use muscle, you lose muscle. Our bodies have evolved to maintain only the muscle we need to complete our daily jobs. This is because muscles require calories, so the bigger you are, the more you need to eat. In hunter-gatherer societies (and urbanised societies until quite recently), food wasn’t easily available, and there would have been periods when it was scarce. Having excess...

These are the most Googled questions about workouts

Fitness experts answer the most Googled questions about workouts

There’s plenty you can teach yourself about fitness, and doing so is not only useful for beginners. Even if you’re experienced with working out, learning more about exercise can improve your routine to see results faster or even fix any bad habits that you may have picked up.

However, it can sometimes feel like there’s so much you need to know that you don’t know where to begin....

The fitness brand people have shared most on Tik Tok

Nike, Lululemon or Adidas: This is the most popular fitness brand on TikTok

If you didn’t take a picture, did you really go to the gym? Sharing posts on social media is a great way to stay accountable, show off your hard work and to (more importantly) show off your new activewear.

Interested in seeing which fitness brand people have shared most on social media platform TikTok via hashtags, did some research and can now reveal all.


Dumbells and Resistance bands on a hardwood floor

Lockdown’s biggest fitness trends revealed

With people having spent the majority of the last 12 months stuck at home, it’s been more important than ever to make time for being active - not just for our physical health, but our mental health as well.

But with gyms and leisure centres closed as a result of coronavirus restrictions, how have people been staying in shape during lockdown?

Making a splash


Fitness industry are taking a hit through lockdown

Tough times for fitness industry

The health & fitness industry has had to adapt dramatically to Covid-19 restrictions in 2020. Despite increased interest in keeping fit and healthy from the British public, fitness instructors and gyms were, for the most part, swapped for online classes and fitness apps during the country’s successive lockdowns.

Without a doubt, the impact on the whole industry has been huge -...

Exercising can be taken from the comfort of your own chair

Staying active in your home during lockdown

As Lockdown across England puts an even greater emphasis on the health and wellbeing of older people in isolation, the Goldies Charity is increasing its weekly online content to include gentle chair-exercise at home.

When ‘Goldies’ were forced by Covid to cancel all their daytime sessions across England and Wales last March they then introduced online sessions through Facebook and...