The fitness brand people have shared most on Tik Tok

Nike, Lululemon or Adidas: This is the most popular fitness brand on TikTok

Claire Roberts
Authored by Claire Roberts
Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 20:02

If you didn’t take a picture, did you really go to the gym? Sharing posts on social media is a great way to stay accountable, show off your hard work and to (more importantly) show off your new activewear. 

Interested in seeing which fitness brand people have shared most on social media platform TikTok via hashtags, did some research and can now reveal all.

What is the most hashtagged brand on TikTok?

Topping the list is Nike, with a sizable 9.3 billion TikTok posts using the hashtag. The brand is famous in the fitness world and has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, Lil Nas X and most notably former professional Basketball player Michael Jordan.

Following behind in second is Gymshark with 3 billion posts currently on TikTok. One of the youngest brands in GolfSupport’s top 20, founded in 2012, Gymshark has very quickly become a household name. 

In third with a whopping 2.6 billion hashtags is Adidas. The German brand has been around since the 40s along with Puma which is the fourth most hashtagged with 805 million posts.

Lululemon, with a current total of 766.5 million posts, has become beloved by women for its leggings, perfect for low impact fitness such as yoga.

Completing the top 10 most popular TikTok fitness brands are:

6th: Under Armour 260.1M hashtagged posts

7th: Patagonia 188.9M hashtagged posts 

8th: Peloton169.6M hashtagged posts 

9th: Reebok159.9M hashtagged posts

10th: Decathlon 84.5M hashtagged posts

On the other end and just making’s top 20 is women’s activewear brand Girlfriend Collective with 2.4 million posts.

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