Springtime is commonly associated with a fresh start

Expert offers spring cleaning tips to improve sleep

Springtime is commonly associated with a fresh start – it’s the perfect opportunity to be out with the old and in with the new. After the dark, cold winter months, there is no better time to reflect the season change within your home - and it could help you sleep better too!

Here, Alison Jones, sleep expert at leading mattress brand, Sealy , shares her top spring-cleaning tips for a...

Half of respondents reported paying monthly for video streaming services

Average UK adult spends nearly £500 on subscription services a year

The subscription economy is booming, with almost four out of five (79%) adults in the UK signed up to at least one, spending on average £475 a year. Yet, while 96% of people say they are now focused on their holistic health, only 13% reported paying monthly for health benefits that could help them with everyday wellness, according to a recent survey conducted by Simplyhealth.

As one...

Following a low-carb diet can have many health benefits

Feel the Benefits of a Low Carb Diet with Love Yourself

Everyone is unique and there is no magic diet that will suit everyone. However, following a low-carb diet can have many health benefits, from weight loss to the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Love Yourself has released a new low-carb meal plan as they believe a lower-carb diet results in the most weight loss and provides the most health benefits while remaining a sustainable...

The fitness brand people have shared most on Tik Tok

Nike, Lululemon or Adidas: This is the most popular fitness brand on TikTok

If you didn’t take a picture, did you really go to the gym? Sharing posts on social media is a great way to stay accountable, show off your hard work and to (more importantly) show off your new activewear.

Interested in seeing which fitness brand people have shared most on social media platform TikTok via hashtags, did some research and can now reveal all.


Health tips from Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton from A Place in the Sun shares lockdown health tips

A Place in the Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton, has shared her health tips during lockdown. From discovering delicious recipes to online workouts with her 125,000 Instagram followers, the star has been keeping busy at home and is excited about the new series of A Place in The Sun, which starts on 26th April on Channel 4.

Online workouts - “I’m a big advocate of body confidence and...

low fat diets can decrease men’s testosterone levels by 10-15%

Low fat diets decrease testosterone levels in men

A new study conducted at the University of Worcester and published in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , has found low fat diets decrease men’s testosterone levels by 10-15%.

Optimal testosterone levels are critical to men’s health. Low testosterone levels are linked to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Healthy testosterone...

11 million people are suffering with hearing loss in the UK

Signs to look out for if you are suffering with unchecked hearing loss

Boots Hearingcare , the leading private hearing care provider in the UK, is calling on Brits to improve the quality of their life, with the business estimating that as many as FOUR MILLION people are enduring the early signs of hearing loss unnecessarily.

An early 2020 study showed that there were 11 million people with hearing loss in the UK - a number that is estimated to grow to...


Best-practice methods to stay healthy in 2021

Without a doubt, the year 2020 has been one of the most challenging — and surprisingly hopeful — years in recent memory. The pandemic alone has forced many people to go for an entirely different lifestyle change, so much so that many businesses have had to make similar changes to take advantage of a new business marketplace.

The idea of trying to stay healthy for most has been thrown...

How to use your garden to boost your health and wellbeing

With lockdown across England at least the next few weeks, gardens can offer a little welcome relief from the view of the same four walls. Even when it’s a little chilly outside, the garden can be a welcome break from the house, and it can have a massive impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

But what are some of the ways that your garden can be best utilised to benefit your...

A webinar series to inspire people to protect the planet and human health

Learn about how to protect health, wellbeing and the planet

Health experts hope a new online webinar series will inspire people to make changes to protect the planet and human health.

The free Waking up to the planetary health emergency events, from the University of Exeter, will allow people to learn why the health and wellbeing of all future generations depend on good planetary health.

People who take part in the events, held on...