Fighting Age-Related Loss of Muscle Mass

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass that occurs naturally as we age. The adage ‘use it or lose it’ applies. It’s a great idea to lift weights as you get older to counter this decline in muscle mass. Maintaining muscle and strength is associated with a better quality of life due to greater physical resilience and less physical restrictions. For example, someone who stays strong in their...

Great Exercise Supersets to Strengthen Your Whole Core

When I mention core training, most people think of sit-ups and crunches. These exercises have been a staple of core training for decades, but there is far more to training your core than this.

Your trunk can perform a variety of movements. It can flex (this is what you are doing when you do crunches and sit-ups), it can extend (arching your back), it can rotate/twist, and it can flex...

Six Metabolism-Boosting Exercises You Can Do at Home

You don’t need state-of-the-art equipment or a gym membership to get your heart pounding and sweat soaking your clothes. There are several fantastic exercises that require no equipment and can be performed in very small spaces. Here are six of my favourite metabolism-boosting cardio exercises that can be performed anywhere. They’re ideal for HIIT workouts or traditional circuits.


Hand open holding tablets

Three myths about vitamin supplements

Have you been wondering if you should be taking vitamins? Or perhaps you’re concerned you’re not taking enough? Here, we debunk some of the most common myths about vitamin supplements and separate fact from fiction to help you to make informed choices for your health.

Myth 1: Supplements stop you from getting ill

No! Sadly, supplements cannot stop you from getting ill....

Looking after our wellbeing is never more important than during the winter months

Expert how to: wellness in the colder weather

Looking after our wellbeing is never more important than during the winter months – from our physical health to our mental health, social and emotional wellbeing, all which are interconnected.

Even the smallest things can have a big impact on our overall wellbeing, which is why Yakult have partnered with a panel of experts (from dietitians, to psychologists, to professors) to advise...

The benefits of exercise go far beyond improving your physical health

Five self-care tips to boost your productivity

The benefits of exercise go far beyond improving your physical health — being active can also help your mental wellbeing and contribute to better concentration. Try to work a bit of exercise into your daily routine, whether that means going for a morning run, or participating in a walking meeting. An unplugged walking meeting or ‘walk and talk’ can not only allow for physical movement during...

Springtime is commonly associated with a fresh start

Expert offers spring cleaning tips to improve sleep

Springtime is commonly associated with a fresh start – it’s the perfect opportunity to be out with the old and in with the new. After the dark, cold winter months, there is no better time to reflect the season change within your home - and it could help you sleep better too!

Here, Alison Jones, sleep expert at leading mattress brand, Sealy , shares her top spring-cleaning tips for a...

Half of respondents reported paying monthly for video streaming services

Average UK adult spends nearly £500 on subscription services a year

The subscription economy is booming, with almost four out of five (79%) adults in the UK signed up to at least one, spending on average £475 a year. Yet, while 96% of people say they are now focused on their holistic health, only 13% reported paying monthly for health benefits that could help them with everyday wellness, according to a recent survey conducted by Simplyhealth.

As one...

Following a low-carb diet can have many health benefits

Feel the Benefits of a Low Carb Diet with Love Yourself

Everyone is unique and there is no magic diet that will suit everyone. However, following a low-carb diet can have many health benefits, from weight loss to the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Love Yourself has released a new low-carb meal plan as they believe a lower-carb diet results in the most weight loss and provides the most health benefits while remaining a sustainable...

The fitness brand people have shared most on Tik Tok

Nike, Lululemon or Adidas: This is the most popular fitness brand on TikTok

If you didn’t take a picture, did you really go to the gym? Sharing posts on social media is a great way to stay accountable, show off your hard work and to (more importantly) show off your new activewear.

Interested in seeing which fitness brand people have shared most on social media platform TikTok via hashtags, did some research and can now reveal all.