Food psychologist believes your choice of ice cream flavour relates to your personality

What your favourite ice cream flavour says about your personality

You may have thought choosing chocolate over vanilla comes down to you taste buds, however, a leading food psychologist believes it may have more to do with your personality.

Flavour expert, Greg Tucker has partnered up with Wheyhey, the naturally sugar-free ice cream brand, to identify exactly what some ice cream flavours may suggest about an individual’s personality.


One of the favourite styles of wine is its smoothness

46% of UK wine lovers say ‘smoothness’ is key when selecting a wine

What do you look for when choosing a wine?

Chances are that you will be looking for smoothness! According to a survey carried out by top-selling Californian wine brand Apothic, almost 50% of us consider smoothness key when selecting a wine.

When adults in the UK were asked for their favourite style of wine it was surprisingly smooth wines that came out on top:

• 41...

Half of people admit they have disliked a food before even trying it

Brits lose touch with taste...

It was discovered that almost one in five adults (17%) feel uncomfortable describing flavour profiles, with 1 in 5 (21%) refusing to try a new dish if they don’t like the way it looks - regardless of the flavour.

The research comes from recipe box Gousto as it partners with the divisive delicacy Marmite, to launch a new range of tantalising recipes inviting people to indulge in new...