Spending time with family and friends revealed as the secret to happiness

New study reveals the secret to a happy life

You only get one life, so you want to make the most of it.

Happiness in life can differ from person to person. Some chase financial goals, others chase family, and some chase both!

To finally answer the old, aged question of ‘what is the secret to a happy life?’, Royal London polled Brits aged over-551 to reveal what they believe the secret to a happy life really is....

Lockdown is driving friends to find new ways to engage with each other

Suffering from friendship fade?

Don’t worry – it’s not ‘all in your head’. A new study* of 2,000 Brits by Interflora has revealed friendship fade can happen to the best of us if we don’t keep up to a regular routine with our closest pals.

The good news is that virtual relationships can absolutely stand the test of time, with Interflora’s research revealing we will only ‘unfriend' someone if they’ve not been in...

Zoom calls with family and friends

Sick of Zoom? How to avoid people even though (technically) you have nothing to do

Life in lockdown has meant online socialising. Whether we connect via Zoom, Skype, Houseparty or other apps and sites, we’re talking to our loved ones and colleagues on video chats.

For many, it’s exhausting. And some seriously fatigued folk are booked into calls on a daily basis. But how can you avoid it?

After all, it’s not like cancelling your plans for a night out. The...

Five things to detox for 2020 which don't involve your body

With Christmas and New Year's Eve now over, the onslaught of 'advice' will begin, instructing us to hit the gym and embark on an aggressive diet.

In the era of body positivity it seems strange that every new year is brought in with arguably outdated cries to slim down and detox, in order to discover the 'new you'.

If you wanted to lose weight for personal or health reasons,...

Five signs your relationship won't last, according to a therapist

Keep an eye out for these red flags.

Every relationship has its bad days, but how do you know when you and your partner just aren't meant to last?

Even if you were head over heels to begin with, relationships don't work out for all kinds of reasons and the signs you're wasting your time can be way more subtle than arguing or cheating.

Thankfully there are some...