Fox in the countryside

How to outfox foxes in your garden

As fox mating season kicks into high gear, the distinctive calls of foxes become more prevalent, marking the onset of an active and potentially disruptive time for gardeners. And, with the promise of hungry cubs on the horizon, you may be looking for ways to prevent these cunning creatures from rummaging through your bins and wreaking havoc in your garden.

To help you protect your...

Make sure your plants survive the drop in temperature and shorter days

Protecting plants from bad weather

With the UK gripped by a cold spell, gardeners are being offered the best ways to protect plants over the chilly months.

The experts at have pulled together the best ways to make sure your plants survive the drop in temperature and shorter days.

Tips include insulating plant pots with bubble wrap, making mulch and recycling old bottles to save the...

Before putting the garden to bed for winter, there’s still plenty to do

10 essential gardening jobs for November

As the temperatures drop and the first frosts appear, green-thumbed Brits have been urged to prepare their gardens for winter with these top 10 gardening jobs for November.

Experts at Gardening Express have identified the most important gardening tasks to be carried out now to keep the plot in good shape over the winter.

Before putting the garden to bed for winter, there’s...

list of the best plants and veggies to sow in UK gardens right now

Grow your own ... what to plant now for late summer

Green-fingered Brits wanting to keep gardens fresh and blooming throughout the late summer are being urged to get planting now. 

The outdoors experts at have rounded up a list of the best plants and veggies to sow in UK gardens right now, in time for the late summer. 

Even as the end of summer begins to creep up, there’s no reason to abandon...

As the warmer weather beckons, children will spend more time in the garden.

Beware of the hazards lurking in your garden

The great outdoors is a wonderful place to explore with the summer season officially starting on June 21 - but be aware of hidden dangers for young children as they play in the garden.

The experts at say it’s worthwhile taking a critical eye to assess your outdoor space regularly to identify hazards to keep children safe.

A spokesperson for...

3% of Brits admit that having an outdoor space has become more important since the pandemic

40% of Brits are looking to transform their outdoor spaces this year

With 40% of Brits set to transform their outdoor spaces this year, Jeyes Fluid , the British heritage outdoor cleaning specialist, today announces that it has joined forces with award-winning stylist and interiors writer, Melanie Lissack, to launch its ‘Creative Spaces’ Initiative, to inspire Brits to upcycle and repurpose leftover and forgotten items, to help transform their outdoor spaces...

How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

If you’re stuck for garden ideas, one way to spruce up your outdoor space while giving back to nature is by attracting wildlife. Not only will it help the plants and animals, but it will also give you a garden full of interesting species.

Don’t worry - you don’t need Noah’s ark or a Pied Piper to attract wildlife – here are some easy ways to nurture the natural world with your...

Winter gardening is becoming more popular

Brits flex their green fingers despite the winter weather

The trend for winter gardening is on the increase, says home and garden retailer Homebase, despite the cold weather and some part of the country experiencing snow.

The retailer has seen a 12 per cent rise in customers searching for gardening jobs, tips, and products on its website in the last two weeks compared to the same time last year[i], despite some parts of the country being...

Half of Brits are making home improvements this year

43% Brits set to upgrade Garden following home improvement

2021 is set to be a year of transformations for British homes, with more than half of Brits (59%) claiming they will be making home improvements, with the average spend at £6,531 per household. Decorating is revealed as the top home improvement (69%), with grey being named as 2021’s colour of choice, followed by cream and blue, according to new research by Attic Self Storage .


A guide to garden makeovers for lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many of us literally locked into our homes and unable to move freely beyond our home turf, which has been a shock to the system even if the weather has been kind enough to let us out into the garden. Even before the pandemic hit, the trend for making the most of our home and outdoor space has been steadily climbing but recent times have seen many of us take...