Spending time with family and friends revealed as the secret to happiness

New study reveals the secret to a happy life

You only get one life, so you want to make the most of it.

Happiness in life can differ from person to person. Some chase financial goals, others chase family, and some chase both!

To finally answer the old, aged question of ‘what is the secret to a happy life?’, Royal London polled Brits aged over-551 to reveal what they believe the secret to a happy life really is....

60% of Brits are feeling unhappy more occasionally since the start of the pandemi

The top 10 things that make Brits truly happy

Have you been feeling sad over the past few months? Well, you’re not alone, as nearly 60% of Brits are feeling unhappy more occasionally since the start of the pandemic*. Whilst lockdown has meant there there are many things we are restricted from doing that we love and make us happy, there are still some lovely things that cheer us up.

Fasthosts surveyed the British public to find...

Work life balance is key to happiness

Work-life balance and colleagues are the key to a happy career

Research by Ezra , one of the leading global providers of digital coaching, has found that work-life balance is the driving factor behind happiness in the UK workplace.

Ezra’s survey found that a notable 78% of those in employment are happy in their current job.

The current pandemic also seems to have had little impact on happiness within the workplace. Ezra also asked if...