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Top Health Problems Faced by College Students During College Life

College students are at a turbulent phase in their lives. At one level they are expected to be mature adults who can fend for themselves and others. Yet at another level they are still the responsibility of the college or university. Those educational institutes have the powers to penalize them or reward them. What they do and not do determines the future of the student.

Often it is...

‘lockdown loneliness’ and its impact is as high as 27% in the UK

27% of the UK is lonely in lockdown

As England is once again in lockdown, new research shows the rate of ‘lockdown loneliness’ and its impact on mental health is as high as 27% in the UK. As the NHS strains to support an increase in mental health conditions, the Flow headset and therapy app treatment for depression, the first of its type to be medically approved in the UK and EU, aims to tackle ‘lockdown loneliness’ and mental...