Top tips to a dry January

Healthy Heart Tip: Dry January

This month is Dry January, which sees many people across the UK take on the challenge of curbing their drinking habits for a whole month. We know that drinking too much alcohol can lead to increased blood pressure, some types of cancer and weight gain. If you think you could benefit from taking on this challenge or would like to take steps to reduce your alcohol intake, try out some of the...

eyes rank as the most loved part of our bodies

Just 11% of women love their bodies - here’s how to boost your love for yourself

Research by the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, Yoppie , has revealed that just 11% of UK women love their bodies.

Yoppie surveyed women across the nation on their love for their bodies and found that just 11% outright love their body, with 41% only loving it sometimes. This means that a huge 48% of women are yet to find love when it...

More than half of parents believe their child ate more healthily during lockdown

Research finds parents anxious about kids health as schools return

As the majority of children (78%) look forward to returning to the classroom in September, research conducted by Hovis®2 shows that parents are instigating a lunchbox boot camp for a healthier and more nutritious diet.

More than half (57%) of parents believe their child/children has eaten more healthily during lockdown and consequently are worrying about maintaining children’s health...

measuring waistline for health

Heart Research UK gives top tip for Healthy Heart

Dr Helen Flaherty, Head of Health Promotion at Heart Research UK gives a healthy heart tip :

Measure your waistline

Your waist circumference is an indicator of your risk of developing some serious health conditions, including heart disease. People who carry too much fat around their middle have a higher risk of developing heart disease, however, this risk can be reduced by...

Healthy foods mushrooms help vitamin deficiency

One in four sun-deprived Brits in lockdown are vitamin D deficient

Nutritionist and author, Madeleine Shaw, explains how eating just eight vitamin D enriched mushrooms could help you hit your RDA following NEW NHS advice

With Brits in lock-down, spending fewer hours in the sun and with little prospect of foreign holidays, a health expert has warned that vitamin D levels are at risk of falling and believes mushrooms could be the superfood solution...

Young girl preparing to cook for her family with eggs.

How to cook with your kids during the lockdown

Getting children involved in cooking from an early age can help them to develop the skills they need to plan and cook healthy meals throughout their lives as well as overcoming picky-eating.

With most children being schooled at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, now could be a good opportunity to teach them some healthy cooking skills.

With fast food outlet closures, it...