More than half of parents believe their child ate more healthily during lockdown

Research finds parents anxious about kids health as schools return

As the majority of children (78%) look forward to returning to the classroom in September, research conducted by Hovis®2 shows that parents are instigating a lunchbox boot camp for a healthier and more nutritious diet.

More than half (57%) of parents believe their child/children has eaten more healthily during lockdown and consequently are worrying about maintaining children’s health through nutritious eating as they return to school. The survey shows that almost four out of ten (38%) parents are concerned about how healthily their child will eat at school with more than half (57%) opting to provide mainly packed lunches, compared to 40% pre-Covid, despite schools offering school dinners.

Similarly, the majority (83%) of parents say they will try to supplement their child’s diet with more nutritious options as they return to school.

As health remains a priority and the UK is set to face a period of economic hardship, packed lunches, and in particular sandwiches, provide a versatile and low-cost option that can help parents manage their children’s diet and lifestyle effectively within a budget.

Of those parents planning to provide packed lunches, almost all (95%) said that sandwiches would be a regular feature. Nearly two-thirds (59%) said this is because they think that sandwiches are a healthier option which are quick to make and cost efficient. This figure also supports previous research by Hovis which found that consumers are interested in bread with added nutritional benefits such as fibre to support gut health (55%) or with immune supporting benefits (52%)3.

As well as new products launched by Hovis with added nutritional benefits, this week a new pack design for its Hovis Best of Both® hits the shelves to highlight its various nutritional benefits whilst still maintaining the delicious taste. The new design comes as the household staple loaf prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021 proving its success as a family favourite. Hovis Best of Both is a source of fibre, source of protein, is rich in calcium (whichcontributes to the normal maintenance of bones and teeth), low in fat and has no added sugar, making it a great option for parents looking to provide children with nutritious bread in their sandwiches.

As well as the popular Hovis Best of Both, Hovis has also recently launched Hovis Glorious Grains® and Hovis Fabulous Fibre™; two new loaves that provide added health benefits such as fibre which is good for gut health4 and copper which contributes to the normal function of the immune system5. These loaves provide a great option for adults looking to make packed lunches as the nation begins its return to the office.

Nina Shanahan, Head of Marketing for Hovis®, commented: “As health remains a top priority across the UK, it is not surprising to see that parents are opting for home prepared lunches for their children and now is a great time to launch our new packaging for Hovis Best of Both to highlight its added benefits of fibre and calcium. Not only are sandwiches seen as a healthy option, but as the UK faces a difficult economic period, they are considered a more time and cost friendly lunch staple. As the fastest growing major bread brand6, we understand that it is crucial to provide choice to consumers so they can enjoy variety in their packed lunches and which can satisfy their need for bread with added nutritional benefits, whether that is through family favourites such as Hovis Best of Both or our new Hovis Glorious Grains and Hovis Fabulous Fibre.”

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