Parents are thinking of homeschooling permanently

A third of UK parents want to homeschool permanently

A third of UK parents are considering homeschooling their children even after schools reopen, new research has revealed, with young parents the most likely to continue.

The study, conducted by home education provider, Oxford Home Schooling , found that 30% of the nation’s parents are thinking of homeschooling permanently. This figure rises to 36% among parents aged between 25 and 34...

More than half of parents believe their child ate more healthily during lockdown

Research finds parents anxious about kids health as schools return

As the majority of children (78%) look forward to returning to the classroom in September, research conducted by Hovis®2 shows that parents are instigating a lunchbox boot camp for a healthier and more nutritious diet.

More than half (57%) of parents believe their child/children has eaten more healthily during lockdown and consequently are worrying about maintaining children’s health...

Children more likely to be bullies or victims with unsupportive parents

Children with unsupportive parents are more likely to be both bullies and victims

Children with unsupportive parents are not just more likely to bully others, but also more likely to have experienced bullying, finds new research from Nazarbayev University. Mehmet Karakus, Associate Professor from the Nazarbayev University ’s Graduate School of Education, and colleagues, explored the relationship between student self-esteem, bullying, and parental support. Participants aged...

Boy being home educated at desk with globe and educational books

Working from home with kids – coping with the pressure

After the government today announced that schools would close due to the Coronavirus outbreak from Friday, we explore some coping strategies to help home workers cope with what might be the most challenging period of life so far.

The reality of home schooling whilst trying to keep on working is very daunting indeed”, explains Jonathan Ratcliffe of

Working from...