Parents are thinking of homeschooling permanently

A third of UK parents want to homeschool permanently

A third of UK parents are considering homeschooling their children even after schools reopen, new research has revealed, with young parents the most likely to continue.

The study, conducted by home education provider, Oxford Home Schooling , found that 30% of the nation’s parents are thinking of homeschooling permanently. This figure rises to 36% among parents aged between 25 and 34...

About 9% of children in the UK do not have access to a laptop at home

Government efforts to narrow digital divide will still leave disadvantaged children in the cold

The Government’s last-minute decision to close schools to the vast majority of children has again highlighted the so-called digital divide – the large number of homes where there are insufficient digital devices for pupils to work on – or no broadband connection at all. About 9% of children in the UK – between 1.1 million and 1.8 million – do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet at...

New data indicates schools need more support to address online safety issues

Data indicates schools need more support to address online safety issues

New data released by the online safety organisation, UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC), ranks 14,000 schools’ performances on online safety, indicating that more support is required in many parts of the country.

It shows thousands of schools across England are have not yet engaged with appropriate online safety resources which can help them protect children online.

This comes...

More than half of parents believe their child ate more healthily during lockdown

Research finds parents anxious about kids health as schools return

As the majority of children (78%) look forward to returning to the classroom in September, research conducted by Hovis®2 shows that parents are instigating a lunchbox boot camp for a healthier and more nutritious diet.

More than half (57%) of parents believe their child/children has eaten more healthily during lockdown and consequently are worrying about maintaining children’s health...

PARENTS want schools to do more to educate kids about green issues,

Environmental studies should be part of the curriculum

Parents want schools to do more to educate kids about green issues, with almost half saying that environmental studies should be part of the curriculum, according to a new study.

Mums and dads of youngsters under 16 believe they should be taught about the impact that everyday habits have on the environment and the harm that materials such as plastic do to the eco system.


Educational disparity in the Regions

Forty six per cent education gap between wealthier and more disadvantaged pupils

Kids are set to return to school today and tomorrow for the first time in nearly six months after the Coronavirus closed classrooms. New reports have emerged to show that the impact of this has resulted in a widening of the education gap by 46% between wealthier and more disadvantaged pupils.

The UK has one of the most imbalanced economies in the developed world, according to the...

child at school

Top Barrister urges parents to know their legal rights when sending children back to school

One of the UK's leading Family law Barristers has urged parents to know their legal rights ahead of schools potentially reopening on 1st June. With government rules and advice constantly evolving many parents and teachers have commented that they don't feel safe sending their children back to school. Here we have some expert comments from Paula Rhone-Adrien, award winning Family law Barrister...

Parent and child spending family time home schooling.

Home learning best practice advice for parents

Under normal circumstances, today would be the beginning of the Summer Term. Now, however, thousands of children across the UK will return to home-schooling instead, since schools have been shut officially since the 20th March. Many parents elected to take a break from lessons and observe the Easter Holiday; however, now parents and their kids must pick up their pencils again to carry on with...

Young girl reluctant to do homework.Family. Getty Images/iStockphoto

How do I get my kids to do their lockdown schoolwork without a row?

I’m struggling to get the kids to do schoolwork during lockdown – especially my 15-year-old who doesn’t see the point as his GCSEs have been cancelled. Have you got any tips to help me deal with them without there being an almighty row?

Dr Helen Bilton, Professor of Outdoor Learning at Reading University’s Institute of Education, says: “Don’t have a conversation when emotions are...

Home education and school equipment. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ten top home schooling tips

Are you one of the many parents homeschooling since schools closed? Do you have a sharpened sense of respect for the teaching profession? Are those long summer holidays teachers enjoy looking less of a perk and more of a necessity?

Well, fear not, here are some home schooling tips for stressed out parents.

1. Get into a routine

By now, as you’ve probably established...