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The UK is just behind France as the biggest market for avocados in Europe

An avocado a day for World Avocado Month

June is World Avocado Month and as an island of avocado lovers, the UK already knows how to make the most of the avocado. The UK is just behind France as the biggest market for avocados in Europe. Over 6,000 avocados are now sold every hour in the UK, according to the World Avocado Organization. But this ancient superfood is a far more versatile and sustainable ingredient than you might...

Top Health Problems Faced by College Students During College Life

College students are at a turbulent phase in their lives. At one level they are expected to be mature adults who can fend for themselves and others. Yet at another level they are still the responsibility of the college or university. Those educational institutes have the powers to penalize them or reward them. What they do and not do determines the future of the student.

Often it is...

Simple tips for making healthier snacking choices at home

Snacking at home - top tips

With more people staying at home during the working day, due to COVID-19, the temptation to reach into the snack cupboard and graze on less healthy food, such as crisps, biscuits, chocolate, sweets and cake, may be high. Regularly snacking on foods that are high in energy (calories), fat, sugar and salt can increase your risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Top vegetables for August

It's Lettuces, Beetroot and Coriander on the menu this August

S uttons Seeds, the long-established supplier of seeds, bulbs, and other horticultural products, today released its figures of seed sales during lockdown (March 23rd to July 4th 2020 inclusive). The data shows that Brits sowed a staggering 100 million lettuces, 25 million herbs and over 15 million beetroot seeds during lockdown! Suttons seeds sales saw growth of 2,500% on some days during...

Picnic lunch

Healthy Picnics - Top Heart Tip by Dr Helen Flaherty

July is National Picnic month and this is a good time to get outdoors to celebrate the warm weather and enjoy some tasty food with friends and family. An outdoor picnic can provide the perfect setting for some fun activities to get your heart pumping.

Make your picnic a healthy one by following our healthy tips:

Choose a location for your picnic

Plan your picnic in...