Your boiler issues answered

Boiler Issues: Expert Answers Most Searched Questions

With record rises in energy cost, set to take effect in April, it is crucial that we have fully functioning boilers to keep us warm and save energy.

With this in mind, experts at Heatingforce.co.uk decided to investigate what are the most searched for questions to do with boiler problems .

By utilising search engine tool SEMrush ,in-house experts at Heatingforce.co.uk...

Household issues Brits commonly face in the colder months include boiler break downs

Household issues you're likely to face during cold weather

To assist homeowners with common issues that arise around our homes during the frosty months, OnlineMortgageAdvisor.co.uk have conducted the following research.

Experts at OnlineMortgageAdvisor.co.uk sought to collate a list of issues that households face most frequently during the colder months and utilised Google Trends data to analyse the average monthly online search interest for...

Brits admit to changing the temperature behind their partners’ backs

62% of British couples of argue over the heating settings

With the cold snap currently underway in the UK, the need to feel cosy and warm indoors is paramount. However, not everyone has the same idea of what cosy and warm feels like; with colder weather comes the age-old argument over the thermostat.

With this in mind, HeatingForce.co.uk were interested to find out how often UK couples argue about the thermostat. To accomplish this, Heating...

Five ways to combat dry skin in winter

Skincare guru Dr Catharine Denning gives us the low-down on why our skin suffers so much in the colder months.

Alongside the joys of the festive season and the excuse to drink mulled wine at any occasion, winter brings with it a multitude of beauty problems.

As well as contending with frizzy hair and brittle nails, our skin suddenly feels bone dry and starts to flake in...