63% of people are currently unsatisfied with their homes

Two in three people are unsatisfied with their homes

In new research released by B&Q today, it’s been revealed that 63% of people are currently unsatisfied with their homes, as their lives change and their homes fail to keep pace. The research, from a new report by the home improvement retailer, revealed that not being up to date with the latest tech, falling short in general décor, or lacking storage space is contributing to the...

UK homeowners have spent on average £4,000 on home renovations since lockdown

TOP Trending Smart Gadgets According to TikTok

After a year of being at home more than we’re used to, most of us have realised the importance of comfort, convenience and beautiful décor when it comes to our properties. In a nutshell, we have all learned the importance of loving the spaces we live in.

It’s perhaps therefore no surprise that UK homeowners have spent on average £4,000 on home renovations since the first lockdown...

Some nineteenth century tea sets are selling on antique sites for up to £4500.

Five items in your home that could be worth hundreds

The past year has seen Brits spend most of their time at home, purchasing items online that end up in the loft or spare room after just a few months, and data shows that we have hoarded over £80 billion worth of possessions*.

With the value of many hoarded items rising, new research has revealed the items that you should look out for in your home and where a thorough search of the...

Make your home sparkling clean with these top tips

Spring Clean your kitchen with these easy hacks

It’s starting to get warmer; the days are getting longer, and the warm light is making it a little more obvious where you haven’t dusted in a while… it’s time for a spring clean!

Although we know we should be cleaning thoroughly throughout the year, there’s no better time than spring to put on those rubber gloves and give everything a deep clean.

Over the past 12 months,...

Where is your messy drawer

Weird things we chuck into the household 'messy drawer'

What’s in your messy drawer? Fess up - Every household has one

There are some unwritten rules that we all blindly follow in our homes, such as keeping all your carrier bags inside another carrier bag or putting clothes that have been lightly worn in a pile.

But the junk drawer is a thing of beauty – no one sets out to create one but somehow, all your odd bits and bobs find...

Spiders coming into the house

Cities most likely to have their home invaded

It’s that time of year again. A time when eight-legged creatures venture into our homes seeking out warm and dry places to survive.

Following the recent news giant house spiders ‘the size of your hand’ will be invading homes across the UK this autumn, and in the build-up to Halloween , SellHouseFast.uk wanted to look into the spiders and their allies (chernes, ticks…etc.) that could...

Norwich is the UK’s DIY capital

The UK's top DIY hotspots

It’s official, Norwich, the city famous for Colman’s mustard, Alan Partridge, and Admiral Insurance, is the UK’s DIY capital!

That is according to research conducted by The Metals Warehouse , the UK’s leading supplier of custom-cut metals.

Its data has shown that the East Anglian city, which is also renowned for its ‘on the huh’ phrase, a Suffolk saying meaning something is...

Office space at home

Six ways to make your small home feel bigger

If you’ve spent the last few months in a small city flatshare, or you’ve set up an office in the box room of the house, you’ll know that the struggle to make a tiny space feel bigger is real.

No matter how many times you move the furniture around, tidy your desk or fiddle with the placement of your houseplants, your workspace still feels frustratingly claustrophobic to the point...

Moving home lady in bedroom

Moving home tops the stress level chart

52% of the nation feel moving home is one of the most stressful life events and with the additional requirements of social distancing and other pandemic based procedures, it’s just got a whole lot more stressful. When it comes to moving, 28% find it more stressful than having a baby, getting married, going to job interviews, doing a driving test. It also beats waiting for what was the biggest...

Scandinavian home style

Three easy ways to create a Scandi ‘relaxed rustic’ vibe at home

You’ve got to hand it to the Scandinavians – they know how to live, with their uncluttered homes and effortlessly stylish sophisticated spaces.

‘Relaxed rustic’ is their cool new update on traditional country decor – and it’s not hard to fall for the look, which seems tailor-made for the soothing, tranquil settings we all crave in these current stressful times.

It takes...