When should you let your kids wear make-up?

At what age should you let kids start wearing make-up?

Parents have been saying that for decades – but in 2020, when kids are so grown-up they’re leading the climate change movement, running a hectic social life and constantly surrounded by imagery on TV, social media and the internet, wanting to look a certain way can start seeming important at a young age.

I’m a fan of fashion and beauty, but I’m also keen on slobbing around in my...

Ten clever daytime hacks to help your child get a good night’s sleep

Children sleeping well is one of the holy grails of parenting, and many mums and dads swear by the bedtime routine of bath, book, bed to help little ones have a good night’s sleep.

But it’s not just immediately before bed that steps can be taken to encourage an unbroken night for both children and parents – there are plenty of things that can be done during the day too.


I said 'yes' to my kids for a week and this is what happened

The noise level in the lounge hit a whole new level when I sat down to explain to my two daughters, Rosie (9) and Poppy (6) what we were about to embark on. Their wide grins and glinting eyes said it all – as did my nervous grimace.

I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to this challenge, but I sincerely hoped my sometimes absent parenting and negotiation skills would come into their...

Why playing board games is so good for kids – and how to get them to join in

If you're a parent who'd love to spend more time with the kids, and are desperate for them to stare at screens a little less, there could be a way of tackling both – by playing board games together.

The benefits of board gaming are far-reaching; allowing parents to have much-needed conversations with the kids, as well as developing children's interpersonal skills, and boosting...

Worried about your child’s mental health? Here’s how to spot the early signs

Children as young as six are suffering from stress. Claire Spreadbury talks to Dr Preethi Daniel about the warning signs, and how you can help.

It’s all too easy for families to get caught up in the Ferris wheel of life. And it’s not just the adults who are struggling to keep up. If you Google ‘depression in children’, the NHS will tell you that one in four young people will...