Mum shouting at her son

How do I stop shouting at my kids so much?

Authored by Laura Bond

I know I shout at my kids too much. How can I discipline them without shouting, and help us all get along better?

Paediatrician Carlos González, a father of three and author of Kiss Me: How to Raise Your Children With Love, says: “Who’s the one shouting all the time? Who’s the one in need of discipline? You’re an adult, you have the experience, the knowledge, the mind balance. You...

Get crafty with the kids

Ten fun craft projects you can do with the kids

Authored by Laura Bond

When the stress of homeschooling starts to heighten, crack out the craft – easy, fun projects are great for encouraging kids to be creative, and can be relaxing too.

Get involved if you can, as focusing on just one thing can be wonderfully mindful, while your children will love spending quality time together. And if the mess stresses you out, choose an option you can do outside on a...

Family life, children arguing

How to get young children to listen to you and stop fighting with their sibling

Authored by Laura Bond

No matter how accomplished a parent you are, there will still be stressful times when your child doesn’t listen to you, fights with their sibling or is simply naughty.

And how you handle those crisis points is crucial both to your child’s development and your parenting experience.

The parent-child relationship can benefit from using some stress-free psychotherapeutic...

Anita Rani Channel 4 Parenting

Anita Rani: Miscarriage is still such a taboo subject

Authored by Laura Bond

Parenting is one of those subjects that everyone has opinions on, from the food we should be feeding kids to how we discipline them. And now there’s a brand-new show on Channel 4 in which mums and dads can compete to prove their way is how everyone should do it.

Each episode of Britain’s Best Parent? will see three different sets of parents showcase their individual parenting...

little girl blowing out candles on family birthday party

Virtual party guide launched as more than 600,000 children set to miss out on birthday celebrations during lockdown 

Authored by Laura Bond

An online children’s gift list platform has revealed that more than 600,000* children under the age of 14 are set to miss out on birthday celebrations due to the Covid-19 lockdown. A survey has revealed parents spend an average of £150 on children’s birthday parties, saving families more than £103 million during the current 3-week isolation period. Following the announcement, 62% of parents...

Happy funny child draws laughing shows hands dirty with paint. Family.

How to get kids off their screens during lockdown

Authored by Claire Roberts

Dawn Isaac, author of 101 Things for Kids to Do Screen-Free, suggests kids should have designated daily screen-free time, and shares activity ideas.

Confined within four walls for the forseeable future, countless children are becoming even more dependent on screens to stave off the boredom of lockdown.

And while many parents will welcome the social interaction and...

When should you let your kids wear make-up?

At what age should you let kids start wearing make-up?

Authored by Claire Roberts

Parents have been saying that for decades – but in 2020, when kids are so grown-up they’re leading the climate change movement, running a hectic social life and constantly surrounded by imagery on TV, social media and the internet, wanting to look a certain way can start seeming important at a young age.

I’m a fan of fashion and beauty, but I’m also keen on slobbing around in my...

Ten clever daytime hacks to help your child get a good night’s sleep

Authored by Claire Roberts

Children sleeping well is one of the holy grails of parenting, and many mums and dads swear by the bedtime routine of bath, book, bed to help little ones have a good night’s sleep.

But it’s not just immediately before bed that steps can be taken to encourage an unbroken night for both children and parents – there are plenty of things that can be done during the day too.


I said 'yes' to my kids for a week and this is what happened

Authored by Paula_D

The noise level in the lounge hit a whole new level when I sat down to explain to my two daughters, Rosie (9) and Poppy (6) what we were about to embark on. Their wide grins and glinting eyes said it all – as did my nervous grimace.

I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to this challenge, but I sincerely hoped my sometimes absent parenting and negotiation skills would come into their...

Why playing board games is so good for kids – and how to get them to join in

Authored by Paula_D

If you're a parent who'd love to spend more time with the kids, and are desperate for them to stare at screens a little less, there could be a way of tackling both – by playing board games together.

The benefits of board gaming are far-reaching; allowing parents to have much-needed conversations with the kids, as well as developing children's interpersonal skills, and boosting...