Local councils are expected to struggle with the excess waste generated by fans

Euro Final clean-up will cost ‘millions’ as beer bottles and flags litter the streets

Football may be not becoming home, but the rubbish has.

Research by waste collection experts, – which has long campaigned for decreased plastic waste in the UK - has shown that the clean-up bill for Euro Final celebrations in England will end up costing millions of pounds – with Sunday night adding over 1,000,000 extra empty beer bottles to waste collections....

The amount of rubber bands on the ground around the UK is in the millions

The Royal Mail lose 1 billion rubber bands a year

If you take a close look at the pavements up and down the UK, you might notice that they are littered with rubber bands - but where on earth are they coming from?

Unfortunately, the culprit is your local postie, as the Royal Mail use rubber bands to group letters together in their sorting offices ready for postal workers to deliver eagerly-awaited letters and unwanted junk mail in...