Petrol prices

 Fuel theft is set to significantly rise due to soaring fuel prices

Tips to stay safe as fuel theft set to spiral due to huge hikes in prices

Used car buying service ChooseMyCar is warning UK drivers to be mindful of fuel theft, as the level of the crime is set to significantly rise due to soaring fuel prices.

Theft of petrol and diesel from vehicles is a crime that costs UK drivers millions of pounds, every single year. In 2018, an enormous £1.1 million worth of fuel was stolen from London alone. Worryingly, only one per...

Counting the cost: The expensive penalties of breaking micromobility laws

With travel costs soaring many of us are thinking about ways to save money on commute, but not knowing the various laws for transport can lead to a costly lesson in fines.

A recent study by Currys took a deep dive into the history of transport, including micromobility, which includes skateboards, bicycles, and the increasingly popular e-scooter. As part of this research, they looked...