Two thirds of Brits (76 percent) consider themselves to be financially literate

Women are leading on household budgets but not making future investments

A study has found that whilst women are leading on budget management and day to day financial planning, they are not investing for the future and less likely than men to invest in stocks and shares. The research by Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper app, reveals how Brits tackle budgeting and financial management and highlights the most popular savings and investment opportunities....

With some careful planning, saving regularly could be easier than you think

These unconventional money-saving challenges could pay for your next holiday

As more and more Brits struggle to pay their bills this winter, saving for a holiday might not be the top priority. But with some careful planning, saving regularly could be easier than you think.

That’swhy Lucinda O’Brien, savings expert at , has shared her insights into saving for a holiday in 2023:

“During January, it felt like you couldn’t turn on the...

A third of Brits admit they will dip into savings this year

Third of Brits dipping into savings amid cost of living crisis

A third of Brits admit they will dip into savings this year to pay for unexpected cost-of-living emergencies, according to new national research.

The study, commissioned by budgeting experts Park Christmas Savings , lays bare the nation’s fears over financial planning – with many saying they are already concerned about affording Christmas 2023, just weeks after last year’s...

Topping the list of cutbacks is eating out

Cost-of-living Crisis is Fast-Tracking Relationships

The cost-of-living crisis is well and truly upon us, and with inflation higher than it’s been for decades and energy bills set to rise again in October, the future appears worrying. As a result, Brits across the country are looking to rebalance the books and prepare for what’s to come.

A survey of 4,909 renters, carried out by leading flatshare site SpareRoom , shows an increase in...

Second hand clothes

Millions of Brits turn to second hand sites as cost of living crisis worsens

The current cost of living crisis has meant that millions of Brits are turning to second hand sites in an effort to save or make a bit of extra money.

That’s according to new research by , which found that nearly half (43%) of UK adults said they have turned to buying second-hand due to rising living costs.

The data shows that UK adults are also selling their...

Look at what you can afford and set your budget

Seven ways to save money when planning your wedding

The cost of living crisis is worsening by the day - and with an average UK wedding costing upto £35,000, it’s no wonder brides-to-be are looking for tips and tricks to cut the cost.

But just how can engaged couples save on the cost of their big day without skimping on the quality of the wedding they want? Lisa Forde, wedding expert and founder of stationery favourites Tree of Hearts...

It costs the average Brit £236.80 a year to shower

Cut your utility bills by £303 with bathroom experts four water saving tips

With the cost of living crisis hitting the UK hard, it has never been more important for people to be as frugal as possible.

As a result, has released four helpful tips to help you make small savings on your bathroom water usage.

Drench has also uncovered just how much our bathing practices are costing the environment and our pockets. They surveyed 2,000 Brits...

Katie’s 10 Steps to Saving £1k

Graduate Creates TikTok To Share Interesting Tips To Save £1k This Year

Katie Yvonne, 22, from Telford, is on a mission to financial security with a zero-based budget. “If every penny is accounted for I know exactly what I’m doing.” Katie took to TikTok ( @katiedoeslife ) in 2021 to share her tips on how she is on track to save £1k in a year on an annual income of £4,128.

Previously spending approximately £720 a year on takeout coffees alone when at...

UK workers were forking out as much as £544 for their monthly commute

Working from home has saved commuters as much £300 per month

Working from home has saved commuters as much £300 per month during lockdown, new research reveals.

UK workers were forking out as much as £544 for their monthly commute and other work-related costs prior to the UK going into lockdown last March. However, since then, nearly two thirds (65%) of workers are currently working from home or have done so at some point during lockdown,...

The uncertainty around the pandemic has triggered more financial worry in Brits

60% of Brits are feeling stressed over their financial position

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 began in early 2020, many Brits have experienced extra financial pressure. To help understand how Brits are coping, Blacktower Financial Management has taken a closer look to uncover which cities are most concerned about the monetary implications of the pandemic, as well as those saving more now than ever before.

The UK has been one of the world’...