Freshly baked bread is the UK's favourite smell

These are the scents that win the British people's hearts

VELO set out to survey 2,000 people within the UK in order to find out which scents win the British people's hearts.

The respondents were asked to choose from some of the most common scents in order to find out which smell would come out on top, and which smell people would rather live without. Respondents were also analysed by age, gender and city to look at how those...

Fresh flowers ranked high on helping buyers make a decision on a house sale

Home selling scents - The smells that could win or lose you a sale

While myths of baking bread to secure the sale of your home might have some truth behind them, the latest research by homebuying platform, Yes Homebuyers , has revealed that good old fashioned fresh air is the scent most likely to secure a buyer, while cigarette smoke and blocked drains will have them heading for the hills.

Yes Homebuyers surveyed 1,688 homebuyers who have purchased...