Where to get a Prepaid Data Plan in Singapore

Where to get a prepaid data plan in Singapore

With everything going digital around us, getting connected in Singapore is now easier than ever. We understand the need and in this country, the introduction of prepaid data plans is one of the best ways most people get connected.

This is the best way to stay connected avoiding a postpaid plan. Let's have a look at the different types of prepaid data plans in Singapore and where you...

What parents can do if you think your child is addicted to their smartphone

It's a common trope in sitcoms to see teenagers glued to their mobile. It's often played for laughs, but new research shows just how widespread – and damaging – it can be for young people to be constantly attached to their phones.

Scientists at King's College London have found almost one in four children and young people are exhibiting "problematic smartphone usage" (PSU), which...