Snacking doughnut

What do your snacking habits say about you?

World-renowned therapist Marisa Peer reveals 8 types of eaters and unlocks the key to breaking bad habits

  • She shares secrets of her 30 year career working on weight management with clients to help everyone
  • Unique approach helps people discover root cause of overeating to help them live a more confident, diet-free lifestyle
  • Dietless Life develops
  • ...
Toast has been named as one of Britain's most boring snacks

One in four think British food is boring

For decades, British food has been the butt of a joke across the world, with the nation ridiculed for our beige buffets and stodgy snacks.

Long been categorised as "bad" for our supposed strange combinations, lack of imagination, stodgy puddings, and weak tea, British food has become a laughingstock online and the subject of millions of memes.

And it looks like the nation is...


Six things we’ve missed about cinemas

For the first time since lockdown began, cinemas in England will reopen their doors on July 4. The good news came a bit earlier for Ireland, where cinemas were allowed to reopen on June 29.

It will certainly be a new and different cinema experience, as seating will follow social-distancing measures and many theatres will be using air purifiers to reduce the spread of the virus....