Spending on TV streaming subscriptions tops £5.5 billion, with viewers using three different on-demand services

British consumers spend £5.5 billion a year on TV streaming subscriptions – with viewers using an average of over three different on-demand services

People in the UK are spending £5.5 billion a year on streaming subscriptions, according to the latest research from Digital TV , a TV package and provider comparison service, with viewers each using more than three different on-demand services...

Half of respondents reported paying monthly for video streaming services

Average UK adult spends nearly £500 on subscription services a year

The subscription economy is booming, with almost four out of five (79%) adults in the UK signed up to at least one, spending on average £475 a year. Yet, while 96% of people say they are now focused on their holistic health, only 13% reported paying monthly for health benefits that could help them with everyday wellness, according to a recent survey conducted by Simplyhealth.

As one...

Tinned food might save you money even after the Coronavirus lockdown. Lifestyle. Money

Seven money-saving habits you might want to continue after lockdown

Much has been said about the perils of being stuck in the house 24/7, like family pets interrupting your important conference calls, your partner leaving their dirty dishes everywhere and the lack of respite from the kids.

And while all of these are valid concerns, one silver lining to the situation is how much money you save when you’re living in lockdown (if you’re lucky enough for...