Vitamin D recommended to be taken over the winter months

49% unaware of UK Government guidelines for vitamin D supplements

A survey commissioned by the British Nutrition Foundation in October 2021 revealed that almost half of British adults (49%) are not aware of the Government’s recommendation to consider taking vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months.

Vitamin D is essential for keeping our bones and muscles healthy, and also for supporting normal immunity. While we can get some...

Menopause can be tricky to manage

How to successfully navigate menopause in 2021

As women across the country embark on a new year and enter yet another national lockdown, taking control of the perimenopause and menopause has never been more important.

These unprecedented times can undoubtedly cause various stresses for the 13 million women currently going through the menopause. However, GEN M – the all-encompassing menopause online digital platform, urges women...

Beauty regime collagen drink

Should you be drinking collagen for your skin?

Anyone who has a passing interest in skincare will be well used to applying creams, serums and oils to their face for glowing skin. But what about adding a drink into your regime?

There’s a growing trend in the wellness and beauty communities for drinking collagen as part of a well-rounded health and skincare routine. You might recognise this ingredient, as it’s used in certain types...