Vitamin D

Vitamin D recommended to be taken over the winter months

49% unaware of UK Government guidelines for vitamin D supplements

A survey commissioned by the British Nutrition Foundation in October 2021 revealed that almost half of British adults (49%) are not aware of the Government’s recommendation to consider taking vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months.

Vitamin D is essential for keeping our bones and muscles healthy, and also for supporting normal immunity. While we can get some...

Getting vitamin D from natural food sources such as mushrooms during winter months

Could mushrooms solve vitamin D crisis

With winter starting to descend upon us, getting enough vitamin D from natural food sources such as mushrooms becomes even more important than other, sunnier months of the year.

The body is designed to get vitamin D from sunshine through the skin, but through the darker months this is much harder to achieve, especially in the UK. With more local lockdowns rapidly being introduced,...

Sunbathing on the beach

NHS encourages us to up vitamin D intake

With summer holidays getting cancelled and the hot summer days in the UK feeling a long-distance memory, the NHS are encouraging people to take vitamin D supplements due to lockdown and poor weather.

The NHS has recommended people need to consider taking 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day to keep your bones, hair and muscles healthy.*

Have you been feeling lethargic, short of...