How much should we spend on engagement rings

Brits spend £250 more on eating out a year than they do on engagement rings

How much should we be spending on an engagement ring - the age old question that no one knows the answer for! While many of us ponder whether we’ve spent too little, (or too much), Hatton Gardens based jeweller, Diamonds Factory has taken the time to investigate how much people are actually spending on their engagement rings for their loved ones.

It’s widely understood that an...

10 money-saving tips for couples getting married – and their guests

If weddings are putting a strain on your budget this summer, here’s how everyone can claw back some money.

Wedding season is here, and while it’s an expensive time for couples tying the knot, guests can also feel the strain on their wallet. According to American Express, guests can expect to spend £391 each on average to attend a wedding this year – that’s £88 more than in 2018....