Female-only founders receive less than 1% of all VC capital investment

Female-founded companies receive less than 1% of European VC investment

Research by Yoppie , the pioneers of personalised menstrual wellness and period care, reveals that European companies with female-only founders receive less than 1% of all VC capital investment despite the number of female-led companies almost doubling over the past decade.

Gender balance in the world of business and venture capital investment has been historically poor with male...

Sue Mason and Roland Chesters, who give talks about their experience of living with HIV

HIV on the rise among older women

HIV is on the rise among older women as they remain sexually active – but without using protection.

There has been a five-fold increase of women aged between 45 and 56 receiving care for HIV in the UK in the last ten years, a study has found.

This is partly because people are living longer with the infection due to advances in medicine - but 20 per cent of new diagnoses have...

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Seven ways to lift up other women in your workplace

Let’s face it, even on the best of days the workplace can feel like a testosterone-filled, dog-eat-dog environment, and if you’re a woman that’s just starting out on the ladder or struggling to get the recognition you deserve for your work, it can be a pretty frustrating place to be.

The impact of women supporting other women can make a big difference to workplace culture though; it...